What Type Of Lifting Gear Do I Need?

Working on a construction site or in a warehouse you may discover that you need to use lifting gear for moving heavy loads and also moving materials up and down scaffolding. Trying to carry heavy loads by hand is not the way to do it, as this is unsafe and can lead to injury. It is important that you buy the correct lifting gear needed for your business or if it is only needed on one occasion you can always hire lifting gear. There are many different varieties of lifting gear available, so it is important that you can pick the right type of lifting gear for your job.

Heavy Loads

There is a limit to how much weight a person can carry, so when you reach that limit, you need to turn to using heavy materials lifting gear. It is also against the law to make a person carry too much in weight in the work place. There are a variety of different types of heavy material lifting loads which could be useful to your business, these include, booms, fork extensions, pip cradles and load plates.


There are a variety of different hoists which you can choose to get for your business, whether you are buying or hiring. Hoists can carry between 500kg up to 50 tonnes. However you do need to calculate the weight which you expect your load to be before you get your hoist, as you will need to pick a certain one which will reach the total weight of the loads.

You can get either powered or manual hoists, with the powered hoists being the most expensive out of the two usually. You should decide on whether getting powered or manual depending on the size of the job which you have to do.

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Loose Gear

Loose gear is used for lifting heavy material loads. You will need this type of lifting gear for lifting loads like pipes.

You need to ensure that you know exactly what you are going to need to lift. You should have an estimate of how much the total weight is. If you use the wrong type of lifting gear, this can be very dangerous, resulting in people being injured. If you are unsure what type of lifting gear is the best for you then you can always go to a lifting gear company who can advise you on what the best type of lifting gear is best for you. Lifting gear companies are also able to hire the lifting gear to you. 

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