Tired Of Golf Slices? Find Out The Top Causes And Their Fixes!

The slice is perhaps the golfer’s darkest nightmare. If you were to walk in any golf club around the country, you are bound to hear at least one conversation regarding the way a player can overcome the golf slice in one or two moves.

In all honesty, slicing has been the most common mistake in the history of the sports. Perhaps, this is the main rationale to why correcting it is usually perceived as an impossible task, a dream that could never be achieved. Don’t panic just yet, as there are ways you can fix the dreaded slice. Therefore, let’s explore the most common causes and their fixes.

Having an open face club at impact

More often than not, if you have an open face club at impact it is likely due to the fact that it was already open at the top of the swing as well. To put it simply, the inclination of the club face at impact is directly dependant on its angle at the top.

The most common cause of a wrong face club at impact consists of an improper grip, which is either too weak or too strong. The good news is that there is a rather quick fix for this issue: when you take your stand, position your arms in such a manner that you only observe 2 knuckles of the left hand and one knuckle of the right hand. In addition, once you bring your right hand to grip the club, you need to notice your forefinger and thumb forming a V shape that is directly pointing to your right shoulder.

An improper outside in swing

In the eventuality that you hit the ball from the outside in swing then you can be certain your shot will result in a slice. In general, this incorrect move has 4 main causes:

  • An inadequate positioning

You will see this very often on the green: a player positions his body on the left (or right if he is a left-handed player) in order for the shot to end up accordingly on the fairway. Even though I saw it work from time to time, in the vast majority of cases, this action will open up a stance and hence, result in a slice. Therefore, if you want to hit a straight drive, you should keep your body in a straight line. Furthermore, you can consider placing your right (left) foot about an inch back, so you can perform a full rotation easier.

  • Inopportune weight shift

Shot slices that you feel are way beyond your control are usually related to an improper weight shift from the back foot to the front foot during a full swing. In order to correct them, you can waver for a second while at the top and shift the weight to the correct foot before the downswing. An alternative would be to finish the shot and then move your back foot one step further in the direction of the target.

  • Wrong swing

Not performing the swing accordingly is usually related to the positioning of the player. If you swing properly, then you will have total control of the club head from the top right to the point of impact. In order to test out whether your swing is correct or not, simply take the club to the top and notice where it is pointing. Consequentially, if the club is pointing left (or right) of the target, then it is clear that your drive will be outside in. The quick fix for this comprises of bringing the club above the ball (approximately 18 inches), then taking it back and making the shot.

  • Placement of the ball

Another common reason for slicing the ball could comes from the fact that you are placing the golf ball too far in your stance. If the ball does not sit at the right distance from your body, then you will practically be forced to open your shoulders wider than normal as well as hit the ball in an outside in swing.

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