The History of Laser Tag in a Nutshell

Laser Tag is a recreational activity that all demographics may find interesting. Some consider this not just a game, but also an addicting hobby, which is probably due to its challenging demands and unique but fun course. It can actually improve one’s mental alertness and provide benefits in terms of fitness as it calls for attentive physical movements, too.

Laser Tag’s Beginnings

The United States Army came up with a combat preparation concept requiring its men to utilize infrared beams in the late 1970s. This advancement in technology may have inspired what would eventually become the laser tag gun. Comparisons to Star Trek’s electronic phasers can also be made. A toy inspired by this Star Trek, came into being in early 80s when we also saw the birth of the world’s first laser tag arenas.

Equipped with infrared light and sensor, this toy immediately became in demand that George Carter III, thought of putting up an arena, called Photon Center, where the public can play the game with more challenge. The film Star Wars was believed to be another factor why such a game was all the rage during that time.

Laser Tag as a Toy

This led to the production of Photon toys, which were introduced in the market in 1986. Worlds of Wonder came out with their version of laser tag in 1988, which the company introduced as the Lazer Tag. Unfortunately, both Photon and Lazer Tag did not survive the business and came to a close in 1988 and 1989, respectively.

Despite the breakdown of laser tag toys, the game itself remained. In fact, it continues to evolve with weapons now being regarded as complex and authentic pieces of equipment rather than just toys.

Laser games

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From Children to Adults

Although this activity is equally fitting for grown-up audiences, there are still some laser tag providers and manufacturers who are trying to come up with a version that is more wholesome and safer for the younger public. In fact, there are indoor and outdoor laser tag rentals that people can make their choice from so they can go for the option that suits their preferences in terms of game demands and mechanics.

Laser tag is, indeed, a recreational activity that will be around for the foreseeable future. Its history tells how much people love this sport. The public was able to adapt to the laser tag system changes and instead of reducing their interest to this game, its evolution only makes it even more exciting and appealing to the masses’ taste.

Daniel Ward remembers playing laser tag as a child. Facilities like Hard Knocks in Orlando have revolutionized the way modern-day laser tag is played.

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