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Forget everything you’ve heard: exercise doesn’t have to be boring! If getting motivated to get moving is the biggest problem you’re facing in taking your fitness endeavors to the next level, you’ll need to consider a form of exercise that takes you outside of the box.

Enter surfing.

As if hitting the waves and showing your stuff weren’t inviting enough, there are a surprising number of health benefits to be had while standing on a floating board as it glides over the ocean! Here is a look at the statistics behind using the sport of surfing as a form of workout:

1. Surfing Burns Calories

It may look like a sport that hinges on your ability to stay very still, but being an effective surfer requires more energy than you may think, translating into between 180-280 calories burned per hour!

With one simple goal of staying on top of your board, you’ll need to utilize nearly every muscle in your body in order to maintain your balance while surfing, making for a great all around workout if your goal is to lose weight and tone up. Whether you’re able to hit the waves every day, or only on occasion, every minute spent on your board is a worthwhile use of your time where fitness is concerned.

2. Surfing is More Popular Than You Think

Being a fringe sport that is undertaken by far less people than more traditional exercise efforts, such as jogging or pilates, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the thought of trying something new and risky. But, with more than 23 million regular surfers around the world, and with upwards of 20 percent of them claiming to indulge the sport for reasons relating to fitness, you’re in good company – and lots of it!

3. Surfing is Fun

Alright, so hard statistics may be difficult to dig up on this fact, but we’re willing to bet that somewhere in the realm of 100 percent of people who giving surfing a try have a great time doing it! While it is most certainly difficult, requiring a great deal of patience and practice in order to become even passably good, there is no sport that offers such a great time, even as you turn the bend on a steep learning curve.

Overall, if you’re looking for a unique and fun form of exercise to undertake, you’ll not find a better candidate than surfing!

This post is written by Anna. She is a healthy lifestyle junkie and nowadays is sharing her ideas with readers of Fitness Statistics Blog.

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