Some Less Conventional Uses for Your Golf Club

Wish I could twist like a pretzel

For a golfing pro, a golf club becomes like a finely honed and highly personal weapon. This will become almost like an extension of your body or an extra appendage that you will be able to innately feel in the space around you and control, and in time you will begin to feel naked without it.

When you’re not playing golf then you can begin to miss your club, and you might start to long for the weighty feeling it has in your hand, and the way it swings through the air. But fear not – just because you’re not playing golf doesn’t mean there’s no use for your golf club. Here are some other things you can do with it, that are in some cases a little less conventional and in others completely eccentric…

Walking Stick


Of course if you have a beautiful new golf club then you’re not going to want to damage it by dragging it along the ground, but if you happen to have an older club still in your possession then this can make a great novelty walking stick. Hold the club in your hand, lean on the club, and it’s surprisingly comfortable as an aid for getting around.

Putting Greens

Puttering Around

If you have a putter and you want to play with it around the house then there are few better ways than getting a short putting green for your office. And if you play with the same club you’ll be using for ‘real’ games then this is a great opportunity to get more used to the weight and feel of it.

Mini Golf


Mini golf is generally considered a ‘bit of fun’ which is why most people are happy to use the clubs they’re provided with. If you’re a pro though, why not show you mean business and put the fear into little cousin Timmy by bringing a professional club?


Golf Ball Impact

So you’ve received a brand new Taylormade R11 and you’re itching to get out into the world to have a go. Unfortunately you might not get an opportunity for a few days in which case you can still have a little fun by just practicing your swing in the garden. Of course you can’t hit a ball because that would destroy the neighbourhood and get you arrested, but there’s nothing to stop you just swinging it without connecting or to practice hitting leaves to vent some steam and to improve your technique and your grip.


If you love golf then this should be reflected in your decorating and there are any number of ways you can integrate an old golf club into your décor whether it means having it on the windowsill as an ornament or breaking off the club and turning it into a door handle. It’s novel and quirky and it’s certainly better than just lugging clubs around the course with you that you never use.


A golf club can make a surprisingly versatile tool whether it’s used to reach things off the roof, to hammer in nails, or to reach into narrow spaces like plugs and drains. Even if you just keep it in the utility room then, make sure never to throw out your golf club because it might always come in handy.

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