Planning The Ultimate Baseball Road Trip

Baseball FieldWhen baseball players take the field many baseball fans’ thoughts turn to a road trip; an excursion that puts them in the stands of multiple games in several cities. This kind of fantasy trip is possible. With the proper planning a tour of some of the great fields of dreams of Major League Baseball can come together for the dedicated baseball fan.

Pick Your Teams

Most people planning a baseball road trip will want to include their favorite team, with that as a base, look at the teams around the region. Most regions of the United States have several teams located within driving distance of each other. Some cities even have multiple teams. Picking the teams for the road trip can be a great off-season activity for the baseball fan.Be FlexibleThis type of road trip may not be possible at any specific time. Check the schedules of the teams you are interested in seeing and look for dates where you can travel from home stand to home stand. For example, if you start in Minneapolis with a Twins series, check the dates of home stands for the Milwaukee Brewers. From there you might want to travel to Chicago for some Cubs or White Sox action. Plan your road trip around the series of dates where you can travel from home game to home game for the teams you desire to see.

Start Planning

Some people want a strict itinerary with reservations in every city. Others like travel to be an adventure and contain a bit of the unknown. If you like a plan to your vacation you probably should start by checking game ticket availability. Some teams routinely sell out and the early purchase of tickets is necessary if you want to get a seat. Other teams commonly play in front of less-than-full stadiums and tickets are available at the gate. Planning can also include hotels and the routes between the cities. Routes between major cities are commonly United States Interstate Highways and travelers can usually make good time. For those who don’t want to drive their own vehicles can fly from city to city although this commonly adds to cost to the trip.

See the Sights

There is a nasty rumor that man does not live by baseball alone. Just in case, you may want to plan some additional activities along the way. Most weekday baseball games are scheduled for the evening giving the traveler a full day to enjoy whatever the city has to offer. Take in the zoos, parks or museums of the city and then enjoy the game at night. The focus of the trip is obviously baseball but enjoying some of the great cities of America can be a side benefit.

Enjoy the Games

Nothing beats the experience of live major league baseball for the baseball fan. With proper scheduling and planning you can be enjoying a game every day during the entire road trip. As the trip is about enjoying the different venues and teams, take time to sample the different stadium foods and beverages at each stop. Bring along a camera and take a few pictures. Most stadiums have some iconic location that identifies the park. Posting the pictures to social media sites such as Facebook can keep the unlucky friends and family that couldn’t make the trip envious the entire time you are on the road.

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