Learning To Ski The Hard Way

I decided to take up skiing for the first time earlier this year and set off for beautiful Slovenia full of hope and expectation. I have always been a sporty person and felt that I could pick up skiing quite easily and so did not bother to have any lessons before I left. Sadly I had overlooked the fact that I was 50 years old and horrifically unfit and so things did not go entirely to plan!

First Day

I arrived at the slopes on the first day, skis in hand, ready for action but when my instructor met me and we got things started I couldn’t even stand up for more than a few seconds. My balance had completely deserted me and I was traversing the snow like a demented spider. Out of control doesn’t begin to describe my incompetence at that point. All this and I was still on the flat! After four hours of hard labour I could manage the very shallow nursery slope at a painfully slow speed but I was in absolute agony. My poor unfit thighs were on fire and I wanted to just chop off my feet right there and then.

The Evening

I spent the first evening hobbling around the flat like a robot as I was stiff as a board. I was wondering how the hell I was going to ski the next day as I could barely stand up without pain shooting through my body. Skiing had looked like such a serene sport which it probably is when you can actually do it but for me it was an extreme workout and a frankly terrifying experience. After several flirtations with death trying to dismount from the chair lift and more time spent flat on my face than on my skis I was wondering what the hell I was doing there.

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