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1) How to improve your golf game?
2) What is the benefit of using a golf GPS range finder?
3) Why do you need to use golf GPS range finder?
4) What different brands and options of golf GPS range findersare available?
5) Why should you choose Lithium-ion batteries rather than AA or other batteries?

There are many habits and steps that you can take to improve your golf score. Higher quality clubs, golf shoes designed to give you better grip on the course, or even different styles of golf balls. There is one relatively new technological advance that is now feasible for golfers to use to improve their game, and that is a golf GPS rangefinder.

The benefit of using a golf GPS range finder is a simple one. It won’t improve your swing, or change the wind to be more beneficial, or make your ball go further. But what it will do is give you the benefit of accurate and convenient measurements of distance, allowing you to have a finer level of knowledge of the course.

The convenience is obvious. Instead of relying on the course’s existing markers, which are not always accurate or reliable, and can sometimes be difficult to read, this product will compute the measurements for you with pin-point accuracy. Particularly for golfers that have a hard time seeing clearly across long distances, a rangefinder can be a definite benefit to judging exactly the distance between you and the green.

There are numerous different brands and options of golf GPS rangefinders available, but some features that you should consider include the following:

  • Shot distance measurements. This allows you to track your own performance with each of your clubs, and will eventually help recommend what club you should use for what distance.
  • Green size. Some available rangefinders will give you distance only to the hole, or only to the green, but some will give you accurate measurements to the front, back, and center.
  • Ease of operation. It is highly recommended that you try one out yourself in a shop before making a purchase, to get an idea of how to use it in a real world scenario. You don’t want to end up in a frustrating situation with technology distracting from your game.
  • Custom way-point features, allowing you to set custom points along the way and find your distance from them. This can be helpful for repeat trips to the same course, and analyzing your performance over time.
  • Large screens that are easy to read, as well as tough construction. You want this to last over time, and to be easy to use while you’re on the course.
  • Lithium-ion batteries rather than AA or other batteries. This will give you a much longer battery life on the course.

Using a golf GPS range finder can help improve your score, save you time on the course, and help you develop a better eye for distances.  Golfers of all abilities should certainly consider using this product to better their golf game.

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