How to Intimidate the Other Team

Sports play a massive part in various people’s lives in some form or another. Even at a junior and senior school level the teams are more competitive than ever and all sorts of tactics are being used to intimidate the opposition in the hope of swinging the outcome of a game or match in your own favor. Psychology in sport is a very important factor and those who are able to use it in their favor can often intimidate opposing teams, which could influence performances on the field or court.


The following tactics are very effective:

Showing Up On A Charter Bus

Something as simple as obtaining a charter bus quote and then arriving at your opposition’s venue looking like a highly professional team could easily put the fear into almost any sports team. Your team will seem much more confident arriving in such style. The opposition’s first thoughts are often that this team has to be very good if they can afford to rent a charter bus. Even before the match or game starts, you will have a slight edge over your opposition.

Your Team’s Appearance – Team Kit

By ordering your own professional-looking team kit that is specifically designed and manufactured for your team, you will not only lift the confidence of your own team, but you will often be able to psyche the opposition team out. Having your own logo designed and adding each player’s name to the back of the match shirts and on the shorts for example, will bond any junior team together and send fear down the spines of all the opposition players.

Be Louder Than the Opposition

By being louder and also appearing much more organized as a team on the field or court, you could easily intimidate your opposition. Be loud, but do not shout or scream just for the sake of making a noise. Make sure it is loud enough to intimidate the other team, but it must be an organized noise that your team makes during play.

Higher Intensity

Keep up the intensity of your team’s performance during a game or match and ensure that it remains at a superior level compared to the other team. This often intimidates opposition teams.

Organize a Huge Supporter Base

By organizing and ensuring that your team always has a large contingent of supporters at every match or game, even away games; it is possible to intimidate most opposition teams. The louder your supporters are the better it is as well.

If your team uses the above tactics, they will always have the edge over the opposition even before the game or match starts. Whether it’s obtaining a charter bus quote, yelling commands at one another or simply keeping up the intensity your team will dominate before, during and after the game.

Mat Massahos is an active blogger and writer who likes to share his advice and tips to the online community. He has played sports all of his life and is a huge sports fan. You can contact him on Twitter @MATmassahos.

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