How To Become A Better Snooker Player

Becoming a better snooker player is a complex process which combines aspects of psychology, skill, persistence and patience. Following a few basic tips can help players to develop a much more complete, all-round game over time.

Snooker is a sport which continues to capture the imagination of much of the world. The hushed and intense crowds who descend on the city of Sheffield for the World championships each year are testament to that. The continued appeal of the sport to television viewers also confirms the kind of continuing interest in the sport in the UK, while the arrival of players from places like China and Australia shows how the game is spreading beyond its roots in British working class culture.

Balance at the Table
While a technical coaching manual on how to improve specific snooker shots is beyond the remit of this article, it is possible to take some basic tips with you to the table the next time you are practising or competing. One thing which many coaches notice about players who would otherwise be quite good, is that their balance as they take shots is letting them down.

Improving your stance at the table will help your game improve no end. None of the top players are unevenly balanced when they strike the cue ball. Your front leg should be bent while your back leg is kept straight. This provides you with the stability your body needs to hit the ball as you would want to.

While your stance provides stability and helps to create the balance that you need, it is also important to be aware of where your feet are placed. If your feet are out of line then it is likely that your whole body will be and the shot will be inaccurate.

Concentration and Calm
It is also well worth remembering that the mental side of a game like snooker is essential. Concentration is key to every aspect of the sport and if you want to be successful then being able to concentrate is something that you must work at.

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The key is to focus on your game shot by shot. Never take easy shots for granted and do not be intimidated by the trickier shots. It is also worth remembering that position and potting are equally important and you should not let your focus on one or the other detract from the overall effectiveness of your game.

Of course, the real way to get better at snooker is to practice, practice and then practice some more. The only way to reach the top in any sport is to complement your natural talent with barrow loads of hard work.

Timothy Turnbull shares his expertise on pool and snooker, writing on behalf of Simply Pool and Snooker.

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