How To Be Successful When Paintballing

A lot of people think that paintball is just about fun but for some people it’s a serious hobby and a skilled sport. Paintball, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t just rely on chance and there are tips and tricks that you can use to make sure that you always win without having to spend more than everyone else on paintballs.
o    First you should always be on the move. Quick and fast movements are the key to success in a game of paintball, a lot of people think that hiding and remaining undetected in one place is the only way to win but this is far from the truth and there are a lot of guides out there that will teach you how to move properly.
o    Again, you wouldn’t think it but the paints that you have in the barrel of your paintballing gun really do make a difference when it comes to your aim and accuracy. If the paint balls fit tightly into the barrel and they’re round in shape then you can be sure of an accurate shot, if they’re not tight though and roll around loosely your shots are unlikely to be on target.
o    Knowing the land is another huge benefit so a quick walk around the area will help you dramatically as you can seek out the best places to hide and rest and the spots that have best cover of the rest of the field.
o    If you have a good amount of notice about your paintballing outing then try and get yourself into shape and up to a good level of fitness because you’ll have a lot more fun if you can keep up with everyone and you’re not constantly looking for your next resting point.


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o    You’ll have your opportunities to practice and get better but make sure it’s not in a game. The games are for using the skills that you already have so make sure you know what you’re capable of and don’t try to go beyond what you know you and your gun can do.
o    A lot of players have a tendency to let their adrenaline get the better of them and they want to be the star of the show all of the time. Although you need to look after yourself, paintballing is also a team sport and if you want to be victorious in the majority of your games then it’s essential to forget about yourself and look after your team.
o    Before you go out onto the field you need to create a team plan; a good plan will – the majority of the time – win against endless firing at the opponent.
o    Finally, communication is essential and whether that means constantly shouting to your teammates to gather information on the other team’s positions or doing it discreetly via radios, keeping in regular contact with your teammates and changing your approach accordingly will give you a much greater chance of being victorious.

Neil Cooke regularly plays paintball with a group of his friends and buys his supplies from to make sure he’s always the best.

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