Golf Tourism Still On The Increase

Across northern Europe, there are many thousands of frustrated golfers who have to endure round after round in cold, wet and unpredictable conditions, and this is one of the reasons why the golf holiday has become increasingly popular in recent times. The opportunity for players to enjoy their favourite hobby in a climate that makes the game the purest of pleasures is, to put it simply, too good to turn down.

The countries that top the list of golfing destinations include Spain and Portugal, perhaps the most popular nations of them all for European golfers, and there are several reasons for this. Number one is obviously the weather, which is wonderfully hot in the summer and still pleasantly temperate through most of the winter months, but it should be pointed out that both of them also offer an established infrastructure for lovers of the game.

There are a great many courses in Spain and Portugal, for example, ranging from the rather average municipal tracks to championship venues which provide the sternest of tests for even the most accomplished of players. There are also plenty of hotels and self-catering villas to choose from, as well as a generous number of exciting bars and restaurants to keep visitors entertained throughout the evenings as well.

France has been attracting impressive numbers of golfers in recent times as well, and most first-time visitors are impressed by the quality of the courses. They also comment regularly on the fact that they are relatively under-used, so there are rarely any queues when they turn up at the first tee. For visitors from the UK, the Netherlands and Germany, the short distances involved makes the country an even better choice.


Plenty of options for golf lovers

There are several more nations which have looked to attract golfers over the past couple of decades, such as Turkey, Italy, Croatia and Cyprus, and in the coming years the competition between them is likely to become increasingly intense. Golfers tend to be among the more affluent groups in our society, and as such they generally spend a substantial sum of money when they are on holiday.

With the cost of air travel dropping dramatically in the last twenty years, destinations that are further afield are now no longer just a pipe dream. The beautiful courses of South Carolina and Florida have become a powerful magnet to European golfers, and there are many in the travel industry who predict that South Africa will become a popular destination in the coming decade as well.

Getting from one course to another is easy for golfers thanks to the ready availability of car hire deals, and these are even cheaper when a comparison site is used. Booking a vehicle in advance via the Internet is a sensible option, because the convenience makes the whole process a simple one, and of course the savings that are made will help to keep the cost of the vacation down.

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