Four Simple Tips To Serving Up Fireballs On The Tennis Court

Being able to serve a tennis ball at a high rate of speed is an essential component of any well-rounded tennis game. Many youths that are involved in organized tennis leagues dream of becoming successful enough to play tennis in college and perhaps at the professional level, where having a strong serve is a must. A powerful serve will give a player a mental and physical advantage over most of their opponents. Here are four easy tips for increasing the speed of your serve.

Proper Equipment

Hitting a tennis ball as fast as you can while still controlling its flight path begins with having the proper equipment. Buying tickets to the US Open 2013 will show you first hand that tennis players tend to be tall folks with long muscles and limbs, so keeping the proper racquets in the hands of young, growing players can be difficult. Simply put, leverage is everything. Racquets that are small can provide excellent control, but hitting a serve flush is all about having the proper leverage and whip through the hitting area. Getting long racquets and gripping them near the base is the preferred method of many of the sport’s fastest servers.

The Right Toss

Many of the hardest hitters in professional tennis opt to throw the ball way up into the air during their serve in order to give themselves more time to wind up for contact. An abnormally high toss is not mandatory, but throwing the ball out in front of your body is. By aiming to have the ball fall in the hitting zone about one foot to 18 inches in front of your face, you’ll create natural forward motion, kinetic energy and leverage, all three of which are important components to any fast serve. American tennis stud Andy Roddick has carved out a nice career for himself using this type of serve.

Proper Body Rotation

Body coordination and control are also essential components of any successful tennis player, and being in touch with the rotation of your upper body will produce wonderful results. Once you have determined the point in which you wish to make contact with the ball, you can simply let the natural rotation of your shoulders and waist take over, adjusting and tweaking them slightly if needed. The ideal result is a swing that feels comfortable and effortless, creating a snap at the point of contact and adding to your serve speed substantially.

Less Spin, More Speed

As amateur tennis players begin to become more comfortable with the art of the serve, many of them embrace their abilities to make the ball spin and fall in love with the spinning serve in the process. Trying to hit the ball as straight as possible will allow you to add several miles an hour to any serve, and can create a surprising change of pace if your opponent has grown accustomed to serves with spin. Just remember: the straighter the shot, the more it’ll be hot.

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