Four Activities That All Real Men Should Try

For many men, life is a contest, an ongoing battle of oneupmanship. Securing your position in the food chain is essential and showing off your masculinity is essential at any opportunity. But for budding James Bonds and wannabe Jason Bournes, if you really want to pick up some man points then there are some key activities you have to try. Here are four to tick off if you really want to show the world who’s boss.

Fire a gun
In the UK we have a slightly different attitude to owning guns that our American counterparts, where men can seemingly pass their pistols around the barbecue to see who is packing the best heat. Over here though, just holding a gun once is a rare achievement, unless you want to wind up doing some time at Her Majesty’s pleasure. Luckily, there are some perfectly safe and legal places where you can get your firearms kicks and show off your sharp shooting skills. Gun ranges give you the chance to pick up a pistol and aim for targets or for a lads’ day out where you can see who comes out on top, clay pigeon shooting is always a winner.

Build a fire
Bear Grylls has shown plenty of us up to be the useless sissies we are deep down inside. If you panic about how you will survive when the microwave breaks or struggle to turn the radiator up when the winter sets in then you need to get out into the great outdoors and learn some real survival skills. Luckily, help is at hand in the shape of overnight survival training camps or one day bushcraft lessons which will teach you everything from starting a fire from scratch, to building your own tent, to catching your own food.

Jump out of a plane
You wouldn’t hear Bond whimpering like a girl just before he leaps from an aeroplane before landing on a vertical cliff, skiing to the bottom and picking off bad guys with a gun he made during the jump. Perhaps you don’t need to worry about the skiing and shooting baddies, but parachute jumping is a great test of nerve and also one of the most exhilarating adrenalin rushes you will ever experience.

parachute jumping

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Drive a tank
Unless you’re in the army (in which case you’ve probably ticked off most of these man points already), then the chances are you’ve never had much cause to get behind the wheel of a tank. Well, now’s your chance. Driving experiences and track days always make perfect gifts for men who love their cars, but if you’re looking to really surprise a man in your life with aspirations to show off his manliness then treat him to some driving with a difference with a tank driving experience across a testing track in a genuine ex-military armoured vehicle, many of which come complete with bullet damage on the outside.

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