Five Great Running Shoe Brands

If you love to go running, you know that the right shoe is essential. Choosing a poor-quality shoe could result in injury or sore feet, at the very least. You want running shoes that not only add comfort, but allow you to hit the ground without stumbling. There are several great brands to choose from. Whether it’s New Balance or Adidas, you can’t go wrong with these brands. Of course, this list may have some brands you haven’t heard of, but are favorites among running enthusiasts. The following are just five great running shoes.

New Balance

New Balance offers a large line of running shoes. What makes the company stand out from others is first of all, they’re made in the USA. Second, New Balance shoes are designed with both comfort and usability in mind. Marathon runners even choose the brand because it’s so light weight. Their shoes are great for running long distances and are also designed with fashion in mind. You can expect to pay $50-200, depending on the type of shoe you choose.


While Sketchers got busted for making claims that weren’t necessarily true, they still remain a high-quality brand that runners should consider. Sketchers is a company that is known for thinking outside the box when it comes to designing shoes that will help you reach your health goals. Whether you want a minimalist running shoe or a shoe that makes running easier, Sketchers has many styles to choose from. Sketchers are usually priced less than $100.


The Brooks motto is that they have “The perfect ride for every stride.” One of their styles also encourages runners to “de-evolve their run”. In other words, the company takes running seriously. They want customers to experience a run that is unlike any other. Of course, the style of the shoes are also quite fashionable, which is something that some companies overlook. With a price range of $75-125, this is a brand that serious runners should definitely consider.


ASICS is a company that claims to have a shoe for every level of runner. Whether you’re the mom trying to burn off the baby weight or a professional runner, ASICS has styles that will work for you. Best of all, the company is concerned about comfort and cushioning so that your run is as comfortable and safe as possible. The only drawback is that this can be an expensive brand, depending on which style you choose. The good news is the price range varies quite a bit with ASICS shoes ranging from $25-230.


Most people are familiar with the adidas brand. Adidas offers a variety of styles. Whether you want a more natural feeling run or want to run long distances, you’ll want to check out this brand. With over a 100 styles to choose from, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a shoe for almost any budget. Styles range from $25-200.

shoe brands

Running shoes are not created equally. You need to consider the style you want and which brand offers the best shoe that meets your needs.

Rodney is a fitness trainer who loves to write on fitness program. He exercises daily for 1 Hour and loves jogging. He recenty bought New Balance shoes for training purpose and has found them to be very confortable.

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