Applying Pro Golfing Tips To Beating The Kids At Crazy Golf

Crazy golf is one of the main staples of any British family holiday. Any self-respecting parent will be going all out to assert their supremacy over their uppity youngsters out there on the mini golf course, so now could be a good time to sharpen your skills. Of course, regular golfers may well find that they can transfer their abilities from the fairways to crazy golf.

Putting at windmills

All jokes aside, putting is as important in crazy golf as it is in ordinary golf. Being able to hold your nerve in the face of windmills and waterfalls is a not-inconsiderable skill, so if you can do this you’re already at an advantage in the world of crazy golf. Try to remember the techniques you use when you’re tackling proper golf courses. When putting, try not to shift your feet – this makes it considerably harder to place your putts accurately – and make sure you have a secure grip on your putter. Swing from your shoulders, rather than your wrists, and be sure to keep the face of the putter square.

Concentrate, grasshopper

Try to focus your concentration solely on the hole itself. Of course there will be all sorts of distractions designed to grab your attention – this is crazy golf, after all – but if you can maintain that focus, then the chances are you’re at least a reasonably good putter. It’s worth bearing in mind that you’ll also face distractions on a proper golf course, and being able to tune out the various diversions you’ll encounter in mini golf could actually turn out to be good practice for the real thing.

Be prepared

If you’re really serious about your crazy golf – perhaps you’ve got a round of drinks riding on your performance – then it might be worthwhile taking a little wander around the crazy golf course so that you can familiarise yourself with the different holes. That way, you’ll have a better idea of what obstacles to expect and where, enabling you to come up with a plan on exactly how to tackle them. Staying at or below par is the aim of the game, so try to be sparing with your strokes. Don’t think you can just go blasting your way around the course – a degree of subtlety is required, which might raise the odd eyebrow when it comes to crazy golf but is nevertheless accurate. You’ll also most likely find that there are little shortcuts hidden away here and there, so try to keep an eye out for any alternative routes you can find. That kind of attention to detail should give you the edge over your companions and help you along the road to crazy golf glory.

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