6 Things Our Children Can Learn By Participating In Sport

this post answers the following questions
1. How sports play an important role in a child’s life?
2. What a child can develop in joining a sports team or a club?
3. Can team work benefit achild greatly?
4. How can importance of winning and losing an important lesson in child’s life?
5. Is success in sports can be a real confidence boost in a child’s life?

Sport can play an important part in any child’s life and can teach them much more than simply how to pass a football or how to bowl a full toss in cricket. Children can learn many skills whilst partaking in sport that will help them grow personally and develop specific life skills. The beauty of sport is that children will pick up these skills without even realising because they will be enjoying themselves at the same time. For a long time now there has been an impetuous on getting kids to participate in sporting activities, no matter their level of fitness or ability. Here are just a few of the valuable lessons your child can learn by actively pursuing sporting hobbies.

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Being social

By joining a sports team or club a child will be able to develop their social side. It is important for them to interact with people of the same age in a relaxed environment different to the one they may experience at school. The togetherness that’s involved in a sports team helps to give them a real sense of belonging.

Team work

Teamwork is an integral part of many sports and learning the importance of this will benefit children greatly when they venture into the world of work. You soon realise the advantages of being a team player in a sports team and this is something that will be a great asset when later working in a team environment.

The importance of winning and losing

An important lesson for a child to learn in life is that they are not always going to have it their own way. Experiencing the ups and downs that being part of a sports team entails will teach them that the way they react to failure is just as important as the effort that goes into winning.

A sense of right and wrong

When on the sports field there are obviously rules and regulations that are enforced by different levels of punishment. Understanding that they can’t get away with violent or abusive behaviour on the pitch will help children to realise that every action has consequences for themselves and the people around them.

Fair play

Another thing that sport teaches its participants is the importance of fair play. In a sporting sense fair play involves shaking hands at the end of the game and generally conducting yourself appropriately throughout your time on the pitch. This can be translated into everyday life to help establish thoughtfulness towards fellow members of the public and a generally polite demeanour.


Succeeding in sport can be a real confidence boost, especially if the child feels they are not particularly academic. Having constant positive reinforcement given to them by their coach or parents watching will mean children will have a higher self-esteem and be more confident when pursuing their targets in life.

Chris Mayhew writes here on behalf of Sport 4 Kids. They offer kids football classes and coaching in Reading and the surrounding area.

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