5 Popular Cycling Holiday Destinations

Any time is cycling time. If it is cold and wintery in one part of the world, you can load up your bike and travel to another climate. What an awesome way to see the world.

Check out your local bike shops and see what types of machines would be best for you. If you are planning on a popular cycling holiday destination make sure your ride fits your size, weight, style and personality.

Paris Cycling

Start in Europe and one of the most romantic cities in the world. Paris has over 230 miles of cycling lanes and is one of the best cities to explore by bike. Cruise though all the historical streets and run through charming back streets.

Explore Canal Saint-Martin, a wonderful village neighborhood that retains old fashioned charm. You must bike through the very green Promenade Plantee which will take you along a bicycle path from Vincennes forest almost to Bastille.

Amsterdam Cycling

One of the best five destinations for a bike trip is Amsterdam. Join a guided tour that will take you on train to the Zaanstreek. You will ride along the Zaan River for an unforgettable bike tour through the Dutch country side. Do this tour in the spring when the tulip fields are blooming.

Nothing will be more magical. You will find gorgeous streets and bridges on this tour while a guide explains the history of cultural sites and shops that are typical of Amsterdam.

Costa Rica Cycling

Another popular cycling holiday destination is in Costa Rica. You can book a 7-hour, 3 mile mountain trip from Lake Arenal along scenic valleys to El Venado. You will see tropical scenery and unique wildlife. Gorgeous views of Costa Rica’s still steaming volcanoes and one very spectacular lake are featured in this destination.

United States Cycling

You really need to bike in one of the most beautiful areas of the world on your popular cycling holiday destination to the Grand Teton Mountains in the American West. You will see massive granite mountains rising straight from the valley floor. Take time to cycle though charming Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

You will ride though lands that are inhabited by elk and golden eagles. If you are ambitious, ride through Yellowstone Park. There is nothing more spectacular than seeing this unique national park’s terrain that includes hot water geysers, wonderful old hotels, and scenery that cannot be found anywhere else.

New Zealand Cycling

Travel down under to Wellington, New Zealand. With unbeatable scenery and the energy of the terrain this is ideal for exciting bicycle tours. Ride up to Makara Peak, rest at the top and find the most awesome views of the South Island. You will ride through forest and coastline to reach your destination of Makara Peak. Camping amenities are along the entire bike route. You need to plan on a couple of days for this trip.

From modern and very bike oriented cities to unspoiled countryside there are destinations all over the world that will enchant you. If you follow the Tour de France and are inspired to ride, checkout Paris, Amsterdam, The Tetons, New Zealand and Costa Rica for some of the five most popular holiday cycling destinations.

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