Servitude and The Wrong Way


If you believe and agree with everything you see and read, you will be deceived beyond belief. And I may not agree with what you say, but i’ll defend till the end your right to speak today. Because in these times of universal deceit, a revolutionary act is in the truth we speak.

So speak up and be heard and counted at any cost, otherwise these people in our nation, they are all lost. Lost to believe the lies and receive the sighs while they retrieve the cries of their loved ones past. So let me tell you what we need to do, we need to realize we are not the many but the few. And band together like a band of brothers like no other, wouldn’t matter whether its your race creed or your color.

Because in the end we are all the same, the only difference between us is in a name, and its insane. The way the world works, and a shame. The way these governments hurt, their own citizens, they need a hit again, its often called their medicine. Becuase it helps them to forget, the things that they regret. And even though its not much I’ll still try to touch, on the main issue.

They’re still using human tissue, to their own demise, while the one thing I prize, is Loyalty. So to hell with the royalty, they’ll never lay a hand on me. Because its anarchy and a mockery what the government is doing to democracy. So gather the troops, and rally the men I believe its time for the good fight to begin.


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And we’ll win and end the sin within our hearts and homes, allowing our youths to grow old, and wise. Of the politicians lies, look into their eyes as they try to hide behind their pride. And take it stride by stride and tell your brothers you tried, and even if you died, without success, you’ll have known you’ve earned the peoples respect, to keep it in check, they’ll ask whats next and you’ll tell them.

To have no fear, we will persevere because a people united is unified to fight it. Theres no denying it or hiding it. The people long for peace and prosperity, but the law of the judiciary is brutality, and what a tragedy and a shame to see the youths all choosing their vanity, over their own true blood, friends and family. What a sham to me, it should be easy to see, the world needs to find its morality.

Because all that is needed for evil men to succeed, is for good men to do nothing sit back and concede. Can you believe, can you conceive, that these atrocities are brought upon by our policies of hostilities that have been instilled in we, at such a young age how can we expect to be free.

The Wrong Way

As I wonder and ponder, I muse and confuse
The right path is over yonder, though the wrong path I choose
As I dwell on this spell, I think not to drink
Though my thirst I can tell, is pushing me to the brink

As I dismiss possible bliss, I regret to detect
The sound of a snakes hiss, so close yet not checked
As I hate its to late, its charm brought me harm
It appears this is my fate, as its venom enters my arm

As I attack it pulls back, its teeth into its sheeth
Though the snake felt my wrath, over my grave theres a wreath
Its read this man is dead, his path was lost at a cost
If only he knew how to tread, not up the hill, but across

The author of this is Damien S. Wilhelmi. If you enjoyed it, you can follow me on twitter @JakabokBotch. If you are in Colorado, and are interested in Boulder Art Galleries, you should visit 15th Street Studio.

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