Overcoming Inferiority Complex

Do you feel bad about yourself? Are you not satisfied with who you are? If yes, these ugly feelings you feel about yourself come from your low self-esteem. Your problem is actually the problem of a lot of people, which is having an inferiority complex. How can you overcome inferiority complex? Is there a way to overcome it? The answer is a definite yes. Read on and learn how you can change the way you feel about yourself.

Step #1: Evaluate your strengths as well as your weaknesses honestly.

You need to assess your strengths as well as your weaknesses as honestly as possible. Even if you believe that you have no good points, if you just open your eyes and remember the things you’ve done to make others feel better, you will see that you too have many things to be proud of.

Step #2: Ask friends about your strengths.

If listing down your strengths is a bit difficult for you, you can actually ask some friends if they can come up with a list of your good points. Tell them to be very honest because the answer will help you a great deal.

Step #3: Avoid contact with people who make you feel bad about yourself or insecure.

There are many insecure people who love to cover up their insecurities by making others feel inadequate. You have to avoid these people. As much as possible, cut your communications with them. Someday, when you feel you are confident enough, you can face them without getting affected with the negative things they say to you.

Step #4: Don’t be too full of yourself.

Sometimes, your inferiority complex stems from your oversensitivity and over self-consciousness. If you believe that the world revolves around you and the time comes when your friends are busy minding their own business, you probably feel neglected and abandoned. You have to realize that its not really about you. People cannot always be there all the time for you because they too have their own problems to deal with.

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Step #5: Appreciate yourself more.

If you can’t learn to appreciate yourself, who will? The most important thing that you should do is to learn how to love yourself. Stop apologizing for everything that has gone wrong, You have to appreciate yourself without being too self-absorbed.

Overcoming inferiority complex is a process, sometimes a long one. But when you succeed, it’s like being freed from the chains that hinder you from doing things that you really love to do. Cherish every moment you have and share the joy and beauty of life with your loved ones.

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