New Years’ Resolution: Increasing Self Confidence

Between 80% and 90% of women report being unhappy with what they see in the mirror, so it’s no wonder why one of the most popular New Years’ resolutions is to improve body image and physical appearance. Whether it’s going to the gym, whitening your teeth with cosmetic dentistry, or eating healthier, more and more women are beginning to take the initiative to better their physical appearance and increase self-confidence, particularly now that 2013 is among us.

Go to the gym
If you’re already an avid gym enthusiast, you may have noticed the recent flock of women at the gym due to the New Year, and if you’re not, you may be wondering why the gym is so crowded! Whether you prefer the elliptical to shed the pounds or lifting weights to tone up, the gym is a great way to tone up and improve your self-esteem. From yoga classes to Zumba, attending the gym will make you start feeling better about your body within a few weeks, once you start to see results. According to a recent article:

  • 45 million Americans belong to a gym, 22 million of them being women
  • Most gym members range from age 25 to 54, the average being about 40
  • Gym members go to the gym on an average of 2 times a week

Perfect your smile
Many people are self-conscious about their teeth, whether it’s because they feel that they are crooked, discolored, or embarrassed by the shape, it’s not uncommon to feel uncomfortable about smiling. However, with the right cosmetic dentistry, you can gain self-confidence with the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Whether it’s whitening a dull smile or correcting crooked teeth, these are all cosmetic imperfections that may cause low self-esteem but can be fixed with the right dentist – there’s no reason to hide your smile.

Eat healthy
It’s been proven that eating healthy will give you more energy and will obviously help you shed some extra weight you may be carrying. Paired with great exercise, eating healthy, natural, and unprocessed food will aid in helping you feel great about yourself and your physical appearance. Next time you’re at the store, remember your New Years’ resolution and skip the snack aisle and go for the greens.

Sticking to a New Years’ resolution can be tough but by sticking to a plan, you will receive the reward of improved self-confidence, which will improve your overall quality of life, as well as your mental and physical health.

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