How to See the Good in Yourself Even If Others Don’t

A lot of people often live their lives with insecurities and fears weighing them down that most of the time that they don’t get to see the happier side of their existence.  Many of these fears stem from having self-esteem issues that when looked closely at shouldn’t have been paid much attention and time to to prevent it from affecting their lives too much.  However, it’s never too late to break free from the confines of their own insecurities.  With these simple steps, they can gain self-confidence and the chance to enjoy life more.

Step 1: Don’t be a loner.

Though nobody expects you to be the social butterfly immediately, spending time with friends and family is a good way to start coming out of your shell.  Start by listening and being interested in other people’s lives aside from your own, and speak up when you have something to say. Little by little, as your social skills develop, your confidence to talk to and face other other people will also be improved.

Step 2:  Break free from insecurities.

Body image often starts in the teen years when children develop and mature at differing degrees.  It is at this age that insecurity and low self-esteem plague a person’s view of him ot herself.  Though some outgrow having a negative body image and other curiosities, there are people who were too scarred by the experiences that they’ve had.  If you are one of these people, you need to realize that you have to let these inhibitions go, especially if they are affecting your quality of life.

Step 3:  Accept who you are.

Acceptance should actually be one of the first things that you should do for you to feel good about yourself.  So what if you’re not as drop-dead gorgeous as a movie star?  Everyone has his or her own quirks, personality, physical attributes, and issues.  Take pride in the differences that set you apart instead of feeling left out.  Don’t succumb to norms about body types based on what is portrayed by the media.  Accepting yourself can lead you to the path of truly enjoying life at its best.

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  1. Evesdrop says:

    People who feel like they are worthless and talentless lack the belief in the Law of Attraction. Physical appearance and financial status don’t even count with the Law of Attraction.
    If you feel that you are ugly, then that is how the world will perceive you. But if you feel like you are the most beautiful and smartest person to walk this earth, then that good aura will resonate and create an effect on the people around you. Make a daily mantra to affirm yourself of these things: that you are a strong, talented person, people love you because you have a good heart, just things that make you feel better about yourself. Like I said, the Law of Attraction is very powerful. If you believe in yourself enough to feel that good things will come your way, everything else will surely follow: self-confidence, improved social status, successful career, you name it.

  2. only4jade19 says:

    Building confidence on ones self is not easy especially if they try to please other people instead of being comfortable with who you really are. Of course you do not want to live your whole life just to please them or be criticize by them. You cannot please everybody but i am pretty sure you can please yourself. Accept who you are and do not listen to other people’s criticism. The hell with them, they cannot force you to do things you do not like. Be true to yourself. Believe in yourself and live your life according to what you want and not what they want you to be.

  3. Accepting who you are is one way to seeing the Good in You. Always remember that in order for others to see your positive side, you yourself must see it first. Stand in front of a mirror, look at yourself, are you fat? are you thin? what are your facial assets? Make a check list of your assets and build upon them. Be confident in everything you do, although this may take some time, always remember that through hard work and perseverance and hard work are the keys to success. Do not be too confident though as this may show people the wrong impression that you are cocky and arrogant. Always remember that even the hottest of stars (Jessica Alba comes into mind) all have their flaws, after all, this is what makes us Human.

  4. Always think positive, that’s the attitude that you should keep in mind. Don’t stress yourself about others opinion as long as you know that you don’t hurt others feeling. Gain lots of friends, so that you have someone to share your ideas and forget insecurities. Be open minded and contented with what God has given you. Every person has it’s own unique characters and qualities. Just appreciate what you have and improve those being criticized by others. At the end of the day it’s always you who will help yourself to make it happy and live peacefully.

  5. whimsical1207 says:

    Start liking yourself. That is the first step towards gaining confidence. You should not be critical of yourself. Nobody is perfect. We all flaws and the key here is focusing on your strengths. You should not listen to the negative things that other people say about you. If others put you down just let it go. It would also be good to have a positive attitude towards yourself. Think that you are the best one there is and that you can overcome any challenges that comes your way.

  6. People with low self-esteem always have a distorted frame of mind that they are inferior to others. Make a list of all the things that you are graced to have and things that concern you about your life. Be realistic and honest in your list and you will realize that you have more things to appreciate about yourself than you are letting on. Respect yourself and let others see and admire the true you. Instead of rejecting/resisting/or shying away from recognition and praise from others, take it all in. Absorb it and say thank you.

  7. Erwin Jayoma says:

    In the beginning, God created heaven, earth and all the things thereof and that is including you and me. The Bible says, we are all made according to His own image. He made man pretty and unique. You and me are very special in His sight. We are the apple of God’s sight. If you feel that you are useless, ugly or even outcast. Just remember that Jesus died for you because He likes and loves you so much. He gave His life for you just to make you live and enjoy life. He became poor for you to become rich. He left the splendor of heaven and live here on earth so that He can feel what you felt and understand your situation. If you feel you are alone and no one loves you… rest assured that there is always someone who cares and loves you always… and that is JESUS

  8. People are not perfect beings. We all have good and bad points. Learning to see good in each of us isn’t very difficult. Just by thinking positive, you can already achieve this. There may be people who only sees the negative side of others but that doesn’t mean that there is no good side of that person. In my opinion, the first step in getting free from this issue is to accept oneself. Think of the positive things about you. Don’t let the negative things ruin everything for you. Be more confident and let yourself gain the courage to step-out. If you want to change yourself, start by gaining confidence by accepting yourself. If you won’t help yourself in solving this problem of yours, then who will? Let’s be optimistic.

  9. ‘Accept who you are.’. That says it all, I guess. Seeing yourself as good even if everybody else around is doing otherwise is never easy but it starts from accepting yourself and believing that whatever it is that everybody is saying may or may not be true but you are the only one who can justify or know that truth. Believing. Believing that everyone is a unique individual and that each of us has our own rights, talents, beauty is something we all have to do for ourselves. And let’s not forget, God sees the inner us unlike humans do. Inner beauty reflects outside. So shine, insecurities may come, but use that to reflect and asses yourself to make yourself a better individual.

  10. potrish78 says:

    Write down all your achievements no matter how big or small. Try to remember every single thing you have done in the past that made your parents or anyone else proud. Note down everything; go as far as you can remember. And when you are done, read them aloud one by one. Imagine how you’ve felt during that time. I’m sure you were happy and proud of yourself. Savor it! Don’t leave it until you have absolutely engaged yourself in that feeling. Advance to the next one. Do the same thing for all the achievements you have listed down. And when you’re done doing this, think for a while. Imagine you are a different person looking at yourself. Wouldn’t you want to be “you”? Wouldn’t you want to love “you”?

  11. Be optimistic and focus yourself on your dreams. Don’t be too much affected of what other people say about you but make all those things as a challenge, always keep in mind that they are not you and prove yourself that someday you can be higher than they are. Never give up and always try to explore new things that you know its helpful on your career or for yourself. Make all those hardship as a challenge that you will see later on you that its just a trial that everybody must experienced and learned from it. During my first job , I always cry because my work had always been rejected but I try harder to become a better worker. I spent a lot of time focusing on my work and I got good results in the end. Focus and be optimistic.

  12. DrixProject says:

    One way of building confidence and building self-esteem is to exercise, work out and try to look good. Give yourself a treat and if you like explore your hidden talents and capabilities so you can use it. Knowing that you have some skills that others don’t have will boost your self-esteem.
    However, over confidence is much as fatal as inferiority complex so be careful. Always put in mind that every person has an inherent capability and at the same time, an inherent weakness.

  13. yvonne t. says:

    Building self esteem starts at home. A supportive and nurturing family helps a lot especially for kids experiencing puberty and adolescence. You on the other hand should engage to more fun filled activities. Have some hobbies that interests you and sometimes this helps in creating new friendship ties because you share the same interests. Join clubs and co-curricular activities at school. You should always keep in mind that no 2 persons are alike as the blog said “Accept who you are” you cannot be some one you’re not so just let it all out. Let the people around you know more about you, and you still feel low and down to yourself, seek advice from your family or from a counselor. This will create the difference that you need


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