How to Improve Your Self-esteem When You Just Lost Your Job

With recession encroaching even on the largest and most successful companies, you may find yourself part of a growing group of men and women who have been left without a job.  The anxiety and frustration this event gives you can be a bit too much to handle.  If you let these feelings linger long, you may not have the bearings to bounce back up.  However, as you go on living, the need for a source of income becomes apparent.  Don’t let the bad vibes creep up on you with these few simple steps to improve your self-esteem after losing a job.

Step 1:  Take five.

So you just got the blow yesterday.  Instead of rushing to the next job prospect in tears, take a while to settle down.  Feelings such as frustration, anger, hurt, and fear will come rushing at you and it won’t do you any good when you break down on your next job interview.  Instead, sit down with your spouse or family and discuss things first.  Asses your situation and inform them of the set-up so everyone can help by not spending too much or pressuring you when you are out looking for a job.  Assurances from friends and family can also help you cope with these feelings and motivate you to move ahead.

Step 2:  Look for work immediately.

After a breather, one would be better off getting up and looking for a new job fast.  Freshen up your CV, press that suit, and get ready to ooze confidence and competence for the next job interview.  Line up your prospects and interests and submit your applications.  However, in these trying times, it’s not really that advisable to be very choosy.  Think of how you would support yourself or your family and use that as a motivation for you to get on ahead and look for employment.

Step 3:  Be a busybody.

While waiting for that call for your next job, it’s advisable to keep yourself busy.  Get around to fixing that squeaky door or building that play set for your kids.  Read or do some things that can keep your mind busy as well.  Nothing beats off the doldrums than an active mind and body.  Working around the home can also help keep you in shape and in good health while staving off depression because of unemployment.

Being unemployed is just one of the major anxieties of this generation.  However, fighting off the depression and the gloom that comes with it with these steps can not only keep you sane and hopeful, but also in a great state of mind and body for the next job.

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  1. Losing a job enables you to think your self worth and value towards the stiff competition of the business world. It weakens you to face the challenges in applying for your next job as it will keep on recalling on your mind the negativity of losing a job. An individual must realized that when a door closes the whole ceiling shall be open as long as you have the courage, determination and the perseverance in pushing yourself towards the limit. Do not cry on your previous experience as it will not do good to you but rather reflect on which areas you’ve made a mistake and try to learn from it. Avoid the same mistake and make it a motivation for you to become better.

  2. A lay off is also a great time to make friends and to help the community. Not only does this make you feel good about yourself, you also give back to the community and also, this makes your circle of friends much wider. This also proves as a resume builder, as most employers are looking for employees that are hard-working and conscious about his/her surrounding. Telling your friends about you being jobless and handing them out your calling cards wouldn’t hurt either, who knows? They could help you to get an interview and potentially, a new job.

  3. As the saying goes, “There’s always a reason for everything.” So, instead of whining and blaming yourself for losing your job, focus on what you can do more now that you have lots of time to spare. But of course, focus on things that are worth your time. Search for jobs that you can do while staying at home. Also, this will be the right time for you to attend to your loved ones’ needs. Lastly, it’s never too late to pray. Remember, when God closes the door, He opens a window.

  4. Losing a job is not easy to accept, especially if you are the head of the family. But this doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world. Cheer up! This is the best time for you to cope with the help of your family and friends. Spend meaningful time with them. Share your feelings with them, just to release the pain that you have. Freshen up yourself- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and everything. Then if you are ok, ready yourself do a job search and apply as many as you can.So that if you are qualified for some, you have the option to choose from. There’s still a lot of companies who will need you. And while waiting for interviews from the companies you applied. Make yourself busy, do some chores at home, fulfill your hobbies etc…

  5. Losing your job may have a domino effect in your life. Depression over this always stems out not from the idea that you won’t get to see your office mates that you have grown to love but just the idea that something stable and well established reputation will disappear as well. It will make you think about the things that you could have invested upon and prepared for before you got laid off. But just think of the possibilities waiting for you outside the office. Since you won’t be tied up in an 8-5 job, you will have ample time to spend with your family and yourself. You will have the chance to evaluate your life and finally do what makes you happy.

  6. After losing your job, you will feel that the world starts falling apart; everything seems to be getting worse day by day, but always think that this is not the end of the world. Acceptance might be difficult at first but as time goes by, you will learn that this is just a challenge that will eventually be solved if you choose to do so. Engage in activities that will make you busy and will improve yourself. Opportunities are always there if you know where to look. Online job sites and other job fairs will help you find a new job in due time. Remember that optimism and resiliency are the traits you need to possess with this kind of problem.

  7. Erwin Jayoma says:

    If you lose your job, you should think that the job was not meant for you. There is better job and a greener pasture awaits for you. Do not be troubled, you have to believe in yourself that you can do greater things and do a better job. Have trust in God that He is preparing the best job for you. God loves you so much that He wants to provide your needs. He will open more opportunities for you as you continue trusting His love and cares. His plan is not harm to harm you but to give you bright future and a better job. You give more time in prayers and communication with the Lord. Read the Bible, read some books on how to develop your skills and confidence.

  8. potrish78 says:

    Think of it this way, losing a job is not as painful as breaking up with someone you love. You will definitely recover faster than you can imagine. Acceptance is the first step to help you start bringing your self-esteem back. This is the time for self-realization. There must be a reason why you got laid off. Assess yourself. Ask these questions: “Did I do my job well”, “What are the mistakes I’ve done that the management came up with a decision to terminate me?”, “How can I improve myself with regards to doing my job well?” You should be able to have answers to these questions in order for you to do a better job next time. I got laid off once, too. It was the worst time of my life because I worked hard for that job. I even worked twelve hours three times a week, but it didn’t help me keep my job. A few months after I lost my job, I got a job overseas with an offer five times more than my previous salary.

  9. tyleracesall says:

    Don’t sulk. Instead, view unemployment as an opportunity for you to grow, get started on learning a new skill or a new hobby. Perhaps you can pick up and get engrossed by a great book that will broaden your perspective in life, you can go browse the nearest bookstore for titles that interest you. Busy yourself with things that you enjoy doing and that are worth your while.
    Also, always read the paper, it doesn’t only help to keep you abreast and in the-know but by checking out the classified ad sections, it helps you find prospective employers, take note of what traits and qualities companies are looking for in an applicant and evaluate yourself whether you meet all the criteria, if you think there are some points you have to improve, do what it takes to work on that. You should make productive use of your time even if you’re unemployed.

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