How to Feel Good About Yourself When Battling With Body Issues

Many women attribute their low self-esteem to how they perceive their physical selves.  Fat, skinny, too tall, and too short are just a few of the words that are seen as very far or inferior from the so-called “perfect figure” ascribed by the media.  This poor perception of one’s body usually starts at a young age, and if not corrected properly, it can lead to a life of low self-esteem.  However, the way your body looks is just the least of your problems when it comes to succeeding in life.  Though those who have the curves and the killer smiles get the advantage because they radiate confidence and self-assuredness, that doesn’t mean you have lesser chances than them.  If courage and confidence is what it takes, then here is a guide on how you could radiate positivity and feel good about yourself.

Step #1:  Feel comfortable with your own body.

The first step to feeling good despite your body issues is to not have any body issues at all.  Feel comfortable about yourself and accept the body that you were born in.  If you think you are limited by your body type in doing certain things, let go of your inhibitions.  All it really takes is a good deal of self-confidence to conquer your fears so you can have that shot in life.

Step #2:  Distance yourself from media that portrays “the perfect figure.”

The media in years past has played a big part in the conceptualization of the perfect figure both for women and men.  Nowadays, though there are attempts to change that conception of beauty, some habits and beliefs are hard to break.  Instead of bowing down to pressure, don’t let it get to you.  Remember that you are a beautiful person inside and out, and that you feel really good with yourself.

Step #3:  Shape up not for appearance, but for your health.

However, nothing’s wrong with shaping and toning up your body if it’s affecting your health or your movement.  If you go through a cosmetic procedure just to change the way you look, it means you haven’t really accepted yourself.  By accepting how and what you really look like, you’ll feel more at ease and more confident.

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  1. It is always good to feel comfortable about yourself, having confidence in you also gives off a positive aura to the people around you. A little pep talk wouldn’t hurt either, avoid being jealous with those surgically remodeled models you see in magazines and shows. Remember that most often than not, they have achieved those bodies by the help of a human hand, their were a product of surgery not given by the heavenly creator himself. Look at yourself in the mirror, do you find yourself too skinny? Eat. Bulk-up. Too fat? Exercise. And remember, you are doing such things, not for others to like you, but for yourself and for a healthier body.

  2. I have been in this situation and the best advice that I got is to have a role model in your life. Find that someone who will inspire you to do better, not to look better. May it be your parents, a close friend or a teacher. Make use of all your worked-up energy to a more productive hobby like playing instruments, taking photography classes, learning another language or traveling. Understand the fact that to survive in this life, it is the fittest who won not the one who has the great hair or perfect body. Talk about it with someone, better if he or she have undergone the same thing that you are going through.

  3. showerlist says:

    it’s very difficult to tell ourselves that we are beautiful, what with all the media and peer pressure telling us otherwise. But trying to make everyone else happy with their ideals of how you should be looking like is simply quite exhausting. We are born with what we have and the key to happiness is just being happy and contented with it. Everyone is unique and if we all looked alike, based on the ideals dictated by the media, then the world would be a stagnant place composed of clones.

  4. potrish78 says:

    I have been fat for more than fifteen years now and I don’t call it as battling body issues at all. Why? Because, I simply don’t care what other people would say about me. I feel sexy when I wear sexy dresses. It is all about the ATTITUDE. Even if you’re too fat or too thin, if you carry yourself with oozing confidence, your figure won’t matter anymore. People will only care about how you can carry yourself well.

    Try to attract positive energy by telling yourself that you are beautiful even if you think you aren’t. This positive energy coming from you will radiate towards the people around you. What you see in yourself will manifest as to how people view you.

  5. gracette says:

    God has given us the body we should have. I guess when something’s wrong with your body there is, for sure, anywhere that you have, the best part. I mean, I don’t believe that there is someone in this world without any good part with himself/herself. I guess, if the bad part of the body can be cured or can be treated, you should do it. Go to the clinic and ask for advice. But if they cannot do anything about it, don’t feel sad nor pity other people. Every individual are born unique with their assets. Anyhow, just be thankful that you are living a normal life. Eat, drink, walk, stand, jump these are the things that we normally do. So if your body is not perfect, so as with almost all of the people around the world. And it won’t make sense if you will continue to be sad because of it.

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