How to Boost Confidence for an Office Presentation

When it comes to work and business, the boardroom is the most revered and the most feared place in the office.  Here, the bigwigs of the company gather together to discuss and hear about the most important things.  Presenting a proposal or a report to the esteemed men and women of the board can wreak havoc on someone’s nerves, especially if it’s his or her first time.  So here are some helpful tips that can help one calm that inner storm during an office presentation.

Step 1:  Be thorough with your materials.

Know what you’re presenting really well.  Be mindful of the importance of the presentation and make sure that everything you need has been prepared, from the presentation slides to the fully-charged battery of your laptop.  Be sure to know the order of the slides or the flow of the report without relying too much on notes.  Once you know the flow and content of the presentation by heart, you’ll have more courage to present in front of the big bosses.

Step 2:  Practice.

Days before the big meeting, you can practice presenting that report to your colleagues or immediate superior.  Ask them for tips on how to shake off those jitters and sail through the report or presentation.  Practice at home, in front of the mirror or with your spouse or parents.  Practicing first on your own or with your colleagues gives you that confidence level despite being in a comfort zone.  Once you see that you can handle speaking to a group of people, you can definitely take on a boardroom full of hotshot executives.

Step 3:  Have a back up.

Even if you know the presentation by heart, don’t just rely on what’s going to show up on the screen or what is printed on the hand-outs.  No matter how thorough you were in preparing your materials, something may go wrong, and this will throw you off track.  Be prepared for simple let downs and recover quickly to keep the discussion going.  Keeping it cool speaks volumes of your confidence and professionalism and can even give plus points for you when promotion time comes.

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  1. Aside from the things stated above, it is also best to think positive and avoid being pessimistic. Being too critical and conscious about what the panel or executives are thinking of you would not only lower your self-esteem but also jeopardize your presentation. It also wise to keep in mind that you are presenting to a group of people that have also gone through this before, and that in order to sell or present well, the presenter, in which this case is you, should also be well-groomed. Project well in front, but do not take away their focus from the presentation, remember, it is the presentation that they are after and not you, but putting on a smile and standing tall wouldn’t be a bad thing either.

  2. First of all, let your mind be at ease. Relax… don’t think that something bad will happen to you during the presentation. If you let your fear get ahead of you then there is a great chance or possibility for the person to have an issue or a problem during the presentation. I know it’s difficult for most people to gain confidence at times like this but a person must face reality. You have to go in front and do your task with your head high facing everyone. Don’t let fear get ahead of you. Think of something that you know to let yourself calm down. Don’t be scared of the higher-ups in front of you while doing a presentation. Just think of this as an opportunity to impress them.

  3. potrish78 says:

    Intimidation may prevent you from delivering a presentation well. In order to overcome this, you have to think of your bosses as your equal. We are all human beings. It just so happen that they climbed the corporate ladder up ahead of you. Imagine yourself in their position. You’ll get there too, but today you have to do your job well which includes a great presentation.

    Formulate questions that may arise in your presentation. Be ready with answers to these questions. A well-prepared presentation includes acceptable answers to the panel’s queries.

    Believe in yourself and your capability. On the day of the presentation, go to a mirror and say “I can do this. I am good” over and over again. This method triggers your subconscious mind to believe what you are repetitively verbalizing.

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