How to Become More of an Alpha Male

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Deep down, every man has fantasies of being more of an alpha male (except those who are already alpha male enough I presume…). That means being the kind of guy that other guys look up to, and the kind of guy who gives off confidence and self-esteem. It means being the guy who naturally emerges as the leader in a group rather than being the guy everyone playfully teases, and it means being the person who knows how to pick up women and win at sports with relative ease. It’s like being one of the ‘jocks’ at school only it very much applies to the real world whether it’s hanging out with friends at the bar or whether it’s finding your place among colleagues at your work environment. In short it can help to progress your career as well as your personal relationships while all the time making you feel like ‘The Man’ (possibly a registered trademark). But how do you go about growing into this role if you aren’t naturally that kind of macho fella? Here we will look at how your average Joe can become the alpha male of the pack.

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Physical Dominance

One of the things that can right away help a great deal to make you more of an alpha male is to have more of a domineering presence. Accomplishing this is a matter of building your size and power so that you give off that ‘don’t mess with me vibe’. You can accomplish that by going to the gym of course, but also by working on standing taller or even wearing shoes with large soles that will give you a little height boost. This can give you an unconscious edge that will make you look and feel more powerful.

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A little aggression can also send the right unconscious signals when you’re trying to be the alpha of the group and this means not being afraid to rough house, or to directly address a conflict. Don’t always worry about what others think – stand your ground and make your case so that others don’t try to push you too far. This sends the signal that you have lots of testosterone and this makes you seem evolutionarily a strong bet. Of course you can also increase your testosterone with the right diet (think red meat) and with supplementation. Speaking with a lower voice meanwhile will also make you seem like you have more testosterone.

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To be alpha male one of the most important things to demonstrate is confidence. Being confidence suggests that you don’t ‘need’ the assurance of others or safety nets which communicates on an unconscious level that you are sorted and have your act together. People think – ‘if he’s so confident, there must be a good reason for it’. To demonstrate this confidence make sure that again you aren’t afraid to speak up and be heard, but also to just act differently and go out on a limb occasionally. If you lack natural confidence then there are many ways you can develop this whether it’s through cognitive behavioural therapy. Having seen Krown hypnotherapy in action I can also recommend this as a great way to give yourself more confidence and make other lasting changes.

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