How to Amp Up your Confidence Just Before a Competition

It’s the big day of the competition and you’re all strung out over it.  Whether it’s a spelling contest in the third grade or a nationwide intercollegiate competition for the best solar-powered engines, a lot of people wring their stomachs out for fear of humiliation or failure even before the contest starts.  However, instead of working your nerves to a jumble, you have to pull yourself together to be able to perform well.  Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get through those jitters and do well in the competition.

Step #1:  Think positive.

Instead of worrying that you’ll screw up, you should believe that you have what it takes to win in a competition.  Victories aren’t the products of bungled nerves and failed entries, but instead stem from competitors who have complete belief in their capabilities.  If you
think that you don’t have a chance in a competition, you won’t perform well.  A person’s will before a competition is like a self-fulfilling prophecy, so go ahead and think that you can be the best that you can be.

Step #2:  Be a sport, even before the winners and the losers are announced.

A number of people who don’t believe in their capabilities often have very poor coping skills for losses and rejections.  Instead of seeing runner-up positions as the end of the world, why not look at these as points for improvement.  See every loss not as the end of your career or endeavor, but as a starting point for something else to improve on.

Step #3:  Do your homework.

Of course, nothing beats knowing the necessary details about the competition.  Basically, you want to sum up the courage to join one.  If you’ve read up, practiced enough, and really have the skills, you can get a shot at coming out on top in the competition.  You can get the confidence to join a competition if you know that you are knowledgeable and capable of the things required in the contest.

Once you’ve mastered these steps, joining any competition becomes easier.  By believing in yourself, you’ll see that no failure can make you feel down or bad about yourself.

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  1. Practice. Practice. Practice. It is always best to ready yourself before a competition, knowing that you have practiced well enough days before would help boost up your confidence. If that doesn’t help, talk to your coach/teacher/professor, ask for advice, a little pep talk wouldn’t hurt. And remember, you wouldn’t be in this competition if you were not qualified, and if the pressure of representing your squad or school gets to you, remember that they are counting on you and make that a fuel to your fire. Do not let that get you down, rather build upon that, if they have confidence in your abilities, then you should too. Also, do not be cocky, be fair and humble, be a sport, do not belittle the other competitors. Remember that they are also qualified to be in the same contest/competition as you are, so most likely, they have also practiced and have the same anxieties as you have.

  2. Practice and Prayers. Two letter P’s that will go a long way. It’s a sure thing that you already have what it takes to be in that competition because you wouldn’t qualify otherwise, so sharpen up your skills and make sure it’s a good-to-go. And while sharpening those, also sharpen your expectations. I mean, ready yourself to whatever may come out of the competition. Remember, it’s just a competition. It may be a gauge to how much you know but will never be a gauge to how much you are as a person. What matters is that you played it clean and you did all your best, and the rest, it’s already in God’s will. Prayers, so that you will not competing alone. There’s someone more powerful than you are that is doing some of the job for you. Win or lose, the important thing is the experience. Also for me, winning is not all about winning as it is, sometimes winning also is about how you accept losing.

  3. potrish78 says:

    Family and friends play an important role in any competition that you want to join in. If you have the support of your family and friends, this is more than enough to boost your confidence. Their support will give you enough courage to keep yourself from failing. Invite your parents or your closest friends to cheer for you during the contest as this will stimulate your will-power to win the competition. Don’t forget that a competition is supposed to be fun. You should be able to enjoy what you’re doing. Winning is just a bonus. The most important thing is that you have given your best and that you have enjoyed the competition. So that when you fail, you would still be able to smile and lift your chin up. Remember, not everyone can qualify for a competition. That alone is already an achievement.

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