Climbing The Steps To Self-Esteem

The word “Self-Esteem” is tossed around loosely, but what does it really mean? The two key components we need to look at are: Confidence and Satisfaction. I want to take you on a quick journey so you can understand how to elevate your esteem level.

The Assessment

Until I learned to do a proper self assessment on myself I struggled with self-esteem. You have all types of people in this world, some nice, some crazy, some jealous, and some downright mean. Many times they will say things to us that are not true, but if your esteem is shaky and you don’t make an accurate assessment of the situation it can get to you. Many folks suffer from low self-esteem, the key word here is “low”. Now, if we learn to assess situations properly we have the power to go from low to high. Here’s how to start, in my case I had to put egos aside. Nobody wants to be told they are wrong, right? But sometimes we are wrong, I had to change and that involved saying I was wrong when it was the truth. So, I decided when a situation occurred where someone told me I was wrong, and I concluded I was truly wrong I needed to be the first to admit it. What does this do for you? This raises your self-esteem because you admit you’re human, who can fault you for that! Next, you diffuse arguments because who can continue to badger you when you admit you are wrong. There is another side to this, what if you are not wrong? This is easy, you just refuse to accept whatever you are being accused of and state the facts to support your case.

Watch Your Esteem Grow

When you learn to assess situations better you gain confidence and this is one of the key words (mentioned above) for improved self-esteem. Over time I watched my esteem grow as I better assessed situations where people were trying to as they say – push my buttons to lower my esteem. There is great satisfaction when you can do this, you actually flip the tables on folks and they become less confident.

Start the Climb

Start climbing the steps to higher self-esteem. Your life will be much happier, you will find more good than wrong in an otherwise pessimistic world, doors of opportunity will open up for you in ways you never thought. Folks, life is just to short to let other people and situations steal your happiness, work on your self-esteem and a lot of other problems will just fade away into the sunset.

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  1. This blog is what most people need. Many people feel depressed and may not be aware of it. Boosting ones self esteem is great and doing it to other people is the BEST.

  2. Self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth or whatever you may call it must be grounded in reality and in the context of our character. So many times, psychologists tend to pull the string further beyond its limitation. It’s quite dangerous if we focus in boosting our self-esteem without considering so many factors that affects our understanding of self.

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