A Look At Job Climate Surveys

Even if you think your company is looking good and profits are where you want them to be, it is worth making sure you are not missing the human connection. While it can be handy to reduce your workforce down to a series of codes in a computerized filing system, this is sure to lead to a disgruntled staff. Let employees know that you value them and their role in bringing success to your business by conducting a job climate survey.

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What is a Job Climate Survey?

Everyone has taken part in a survey of some kind. This employee survey, however, reveals how employees feel about their jobs and the environment they work in by asking specific questions.

What Kinds of Questions?

Questions are customized by the person who initiates it. An employer could find out how his staff members feel about relationships between themselves and colleagues and how they are treated by managers. Their responses can be anonymous, a move which will promote honest responses.

Why Do You Want To Know?

An employer may not really want to know that his staff members feel disgruntled, but he needs to know. A happy team of workers will stay in their jobs for longer and give 100% effort. An unhappy employee is not likely to be as loyal or as committed to her job. Employee turn around is expensive and time consuming. It means re-hiring and re-training, and if this goes on a lot, you know there is a problem in that department.

What Problem?

A job climate survey could reveal that conflict management is not very good in a particular area. On the other hand, it could become clear that someone in a particular role is never quite clear on what that role is. This is a chance for employees to speak up. By listening, employers show that they respect their work force.

How To Start

Software is available which allows consumers to customize survey questions and permits participants to send their responses by email or post them at a secure online site. Graphs and charts are then created to allow the employer to evaluate responses. These responses can be categorized according to where an employer is located within a building or the branch he works at.

What Should I Do Now?

A survey is a waste of time unless you really want to ensure that your work force feels respected. In this case, read the graphs, charts and individual answers carefully. While the boss might learn that standards are high in general, he could also discover that there is one branch of his business where morale is not as high as it could be. This might require some investigation, training, or perhaps team building.

Jennifer Hannelin is an author and consultant working with small businesses in Oregon. She has worked with companies to teach them to use better methods of communication (see here).

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