Six Home Improvement Tips For Senior Households

this post answers the following questions
1. How can you improve your bathroom for the elderly?
2. Can a floor be dangerous place to an elderly?
3. What you can do with the doors so that the elderly will be comfortable using it?
4. What home improvement you can do if the elderly is using a wheelchair?
5. What is the role of smoke detectors for the safety of an elderly?

Senior households must take into consideration the safety of the elderly when making home improvements and adjustments to provide a safer environment. One of the most common situation that causes problems for the elderly is when they fall.

Tip#1: The bathroom is an area of the house that can pose a danger to older persons. Traditional bathtubs are difficult to get in and out of. Bathtubs for seniors can be the solution to this problem. They are made especially for those who may have trouble walking or standing. Walk in bathtubs are beneficial to those who have difficulty getting around. With these types of tubs, there is nothing to step over. The person is able to simply step into the bathtub. These tubs are equipped with safety bars which gives the person something to grip while entering and exiting the tub. Walk in tubs for the elderly can be one of the most important home improvements that can be made when concerned with safety. This can help one to avoid falls, broken bones and other problems.

Tip#2: Floors can be another concern for the elderly. Uneven flooring or rugs that slip can cause an elderly person to fall. Rugs that do not have slip-resistant backing should be removed. Uneven flooring should be corrected as this can cause a person to trip and fall. All electrical and other cords should be removed from the floor. Furniture and other fixtures should be arranged so that the person can easily navigate without bumping into or tripping over objects.

Tip#3: The elderly often suffer from arthritis which makes it difficult for them to grip and open doors. Therefore, lever door handles should be installed. This will enable a person to easily open doors without aggravating his or her arthritis.

Tip#4: If a home has stairs, it is essential to ensure that the stairs are fitted with railings that are sturdy. Older people often will have trouble maintaining their balance and can easily fall while going up and down stairs. Stairs can be dangerous for the elderly if not fitted with proper railings. Also, if the stairs contain carpet, it is essential that the edges are nailed down to prevent slipping. Any loose material can cause a person to slip and fall.

Tip#5: If an older person has extreme difficulty walking or cannot walk, he or she may use a wheelchair. Therefore, ramps may need to be installed where steps would normally be. Also, it may be necessary to make sure food, medications and other essentials are wheelchair accessible if the elderly person must be alone. If they have to stand up and reach for something, they could lose their balance and fall.

Tip#6: Smoke detectors should be installed and check regularly to ensure proper working order. If a fire breaks out, the person may not notice until it is too late. Therefore, working smoke detectors are essential for safety.

Saraline is senior care specialist and blogger. She recommends using walk in tubs for elderly family members. For more information about walk in bath tubs please visit

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