Retirement: A Doorway to your Dream Life

Retirement: A Doorway to your Dream Life

Contentment, more than any other state of mind, is a sure-fire way to ensure longevity of the body and the spirit. As many of us shed our regular working routines, it’s essential that we don’t oversimplify what we will require in the coming years. Here are some tips to maximize your golden era, when you’ll finally have the opportunity to create exactly the life you’ve always desired.

Happiness as a Social Strategy

A happy mindset lends itself to your desirability as a companion. As you begin to find yourself with more and more free time to fill, you may desire additional social partners which you’d like to share your upcoming adventures. Maintaining a dour or cynical perspective on the world will succeed in attracting other like-minded individuals, but the days you spend together may not be filled with as much laughter and light as you desire.

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By monitoring your moods, you can gauge the dominant emotions which occupy the majority of your time. If you’ve recently lost a loved one, endured social or financial hardships, or encountered problems in your work or home life, the resulting psychological responses may be lingering longer than they ought to. Depression is no longer as abstract a concept as it was in the past – breakthroughs in medicine and psychology have allowed doctors to treat our moods in safe and dependable ways. Talk to your MD about your blues and keep an open mind – it may merely be the result of a slight imbalance, which can be treated and remedied with much less fuss than you might have initially anticipated.


Fulfilling Artistic Dreams

Now that you’ve completed your professional career, you have the opportunity to start a fresh one anew. Regardless of whether you live on your own, enjoy assisted living, or are currently taking up residence in a retirement home – artistic endeavours are a great way to involve yourself in a community, contribute to your culture, and participate in leaving a creative legacy which future generations can enjoy.

If writing has always been your dream profession, why not whip up a few short stories? Once they’ve been spell-checked and polished, check out websites like It’s a searchable database that assists you in finding publications that are seeking exactly what you’ve just written. It’s a thrill to see your name in print (or on the web!) and provides you with a great reason to be in touch with loved ones. They’ll be overjoyed to learn that of your recent successes in publishing, which will provide both you and them with a fresh topic to discuss next time you sit down to chat.

If visual art has always been your intended pursuit, simply point your web browser at YouTube and do a quick search for “Bob Ross”. Thanks to the technological age we now find ourselves within, it’s never been easier to educate ourselves in any discipline from the comfort of our own homes. Once you’ve completed your first painting, take a picture of it with your digital camera. Now, you can either share or sell it on websites like Etsy and Saatchi Online. There’s also a plethora of great contests that can be easily found by simply Googling “art competitions”. Many can be entered free-of-charge, and are an excellent way to announce your presence to the art world at large.

Josh Byer is an author and blogger residing in Vancouver, Canada.

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