Basic Care Giving Tips for Senior Citizens

Most people living with their senior citizen parents think that the best kind of care that can be provided to them is one wherein they are sent to a home care facility so that other people who are more knowledgeable about care giving will be there to attend to their specialized needs.

But this isn’t the right mind set especially if you are the kind of person who has so much respect for your elderly parents and regard them as the people responsible for bringing you up the way that you have been living the past couple of years. Although sending your parents to a specialized care facility is not exactly a bad idea, there are better tips for providing care for your senior citizen parents that you can do on your own first.

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Care and Attention

Senior Citizens need so many things and this includes both care and attention. When people get old, their brains deteriorate so it becomes more common for them to feel inadequate and unloved. If you do not want your parents to feel this way, then making sure that you show them care and attention will help them adjust to their ailing mind and body.

Best Feeding

As a senior citizen, it is important to be able to consume and eat foods that are balanced and nutritious. For instance, it is not a good idea to just feed your parents with ready to eat noodles because that is what’s easy and convenient because that can also put their lives into jeopardy. Feed them with fresh vegetables and fish at all times to make sure that their health is always in check as well.

Medication and Hygiene

Since your senior citizen parents can no longer fend for themselves, it will become your responsibility to make sure that they get their right medication at the right time as well. Also, regular bathing is necessary but a quick one at that to make sure that your parents are healthy and fresh at all times. When it comes to medications, make it a point to check the right dosage that you administer for your senior citizen parents to take because too much of something will definitely be bad for them.

Enough Rest

As a person now giving care to your senior citizen parents, it is your job to take responsibility for them. Remember the time when you were growing up wherein your parents provided you with the best possible care you can possible ever think of? Now it’s your time to return the favor and provide them with the best care through enough quality rest.

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