Why don’t most Christians claim their Super power? (A Book Review)

Are you stuck in a relationship with someone who is abusive, doesn’t appreciate you, or seems to have given up on himself or herself?

Are you struggling in a job that feels more like a daily grind than a career?

Do you feel that no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to change in your life?

Were you raised a Christian but feel that religion has become an empty ritual?

Do you go to church and do “the things Christians should do” but something feels MISSING?

Do you face struggle after struggle yet it seems God is missing in your life?

If any of the questions above apply to you, you are NOT ALONE!


All Christians struggle with these questions. These questions don’t make you an UNBELIEVER.

They definitely don’t mean you’ve become a LUKEWARM Christian.

Instead, they are INVITATIONS to rediscover TRUE FAITH…

Let’s face it, it’s very easy to DEFINE the Christian life in SELFISH TERMS

How many times have you prayed to JESUS to get you out of a TOUGH SPOT in your life?

Maybe you prayed because you were in a car accident. Maybe you needed assurance as you applied to one job after another. Maybe your partner said he or she is leaving you and things looked bleak. Maybe your doctor said you have cancer….

Whatever the crisis may be, once things settled down and God delivered one way or another, what happened?

If you’re like most Christians, including myself, God disappeared again from your life and things went back to “normal.”

It’s easy for us to turn JESUS into some sort of personal GENIE.

When there’s an emergency, He pops out of the Bible and takes care of our problems.

Once the problem has been DEALT WITH, back to the Bible He goes.

Just like a genie in a bottle.

Given this “relationship,” it is no surprise many of us Christians somehow some way REMAKE GOD into our own IMAGE.

Of course, the Bible teaches that it is the other way around-WE are the ones made in HIS image.

Still, in terms of our practical lives… Christ is oddly MISSING.

Maybe you consider yourself a Christian only because your parents go to a certain Church. Maybe you consider your Christianity more of an OBLIGATION or TRADITION or CUSTOM than anything else…

Given the realities above, I can’t even begin to tell you how EXCITED, INSPIRED, and YES, head over heels in LOVE with JESUS I was when I read Andre Fortune’s BECOME A NON-CONFORMIST TRANSFORMER FOR CHRIST

This book, which teaches readers how to turn into “CHRISTICONS” reminded me of WHY I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior so many years ago.

Just like with any love relationship, sometimes our daily routine and worries gets the better of us and we TAKE OUR EYES off our LOVED ONE.

We assume our relationship will always be there. Our love becomes an assumption. It goes untested. Unchallenged. Assumed.

In short, what should be the ALL CONSUMING PASSION of our lives-the center of our being-becomes just another part of us.

Instead of a LIVING ALL-CONSUMING Relationship with Christ, we fall into… well, RELIGION.

When I read this book, I saw the cold hard truth of my “faith.”

It wasn’t much of a faith. Instead, I treated my Christianity as yet another obligation.

This book opened my eyes to the TRUE STATE of where I stood with JESUS and it wasn’t pretty.

It’s true-the TRUTH will sometimes make you cry or even ANGRY (in denial)-before it sets you free.

In tears and personal EMBARRASSMENT to myself and my LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST, I read about each step of RECONNECTING with Christ

I am not proud to say but I am still happy to admit that this book’s REMINDER of what it’s like to truly and knowingly SUBMIT to God was what I needed to break out of SPIRITUAL DEEP FREEZE

I am not going to spoil it but here are some powerful personal TRUTHS this book delivered for me…

Truth #1: My life has a meaning…. And it has nothing to do with what I thought I wanted for myself.

Truth #2: Life doesn’t happen on auto-pilot. It isn’t some movie I just need to sit back and watch… there is something I can do.

Truth #3: When I blame others for whatever is wrong in my life, I rob myself of power

Truth #4: I have a super power… and so do YOU!

Truth #5: People would rather SEE a sermon than hear one.

Truth #6: Christians don’t wait around…

I can’t even begin to tell you how much Andre Fortune’s BECOME A NON-CONFORMIST TRANSFORMER FOR CHRIST changed my attitude toward my Christian walk

It wasn’t an easy read because it was PAINFUL to read at parts. It challenged a lot of things I chose to believe about myself and my own ability to shape my life.

But if you are able to get past the parts that sting, you are sure to find a SEED.. a gem, really… that grows, and grows and grow.

My wife said I’ve changed. It isn’t me. But Jesus living in me.

Find out more about this amazing gem of a book by clicking HERE. It might just get you out of whatever spiritual rut you’re in!

This guest post was written by EAC Andrews, a Christian, father, husband, and business owner, in that order.

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