Three Ways To Get More Involved In Church Leadership

Do you feel called to dedicate your life to working on behalf of Jesus Christ’s mission? Many people want to make church leadership and missionary work a major focus in their life, but often there are practical considerations that make this difficult. Perhaps you have a family to support, and can’t leave for seminary or missionizing. Or perhaps there are economic factors that make those options difficult. As with any obstruction to spreading the message of Jesus Christ, it’s best to view these as challenges rather than obstacles. Here are three ways you can get more actively involved in church leadership without uprooting your family:

1. Online Bible College – If you feel called to enter ministry, the traditional route is to attend Bible college. Bible college will prepare you with both theological training and practical skills needed for ministry. Some Bible college includes a formal seminary. But if you can’t take several years to attend Bible college, you are not shut out – the same classes and training are offered online by accredited Bible colleges. Often the online schools also offer more flexibility in terms of schedule and can also save you money over attending a college in person. It’s an excellent choice for those considering ministry.

2. Youth Leadership – One excellent way to be more active is to volunteer with your church’s youth groups. These groups are vital to keeping young people active and engaged with their faith as they go through the sometimes turbulent experience of growing up. At the same time, for these programs to be successful they require a lot of volunteer effort and most churches will be very grateful for an extra adult offering their time. This kind of work can help prepare you for ministry and you will also make meaningful connections with young people who will often view you as a mentor and friend.

3. Local Missionary Work – When we think of missionizing we often think of going overseas or joining a traveling group to head to another part of the country. Those missions do valuable work, but so do the ones in your own neighborhood. Every community in the world can benefit from dedicated people of faith – see if there is an opportunity to do missionary work in your own town, and if there isn’t, talk to your pastor about the possibility of starting something.

Whether it’s online Bible collegeor something completely different, these are just a few ways to channel your faith into active leadership work right away. What ways have you stepped up in your community?

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