Why do men cheat?

If you are looking for a classic question, you might want to start with ‘why do men cheat’? Seriously. Sure, it is not as popular as ‘what is truth’ or ‘what is love,’ but legions of women have asked this question through the ages. Sadly, the answer is never clear cut. There is no one size fits all answer to the classic question of ‘why do men cheat’ because it, ultimately, boils down to the individual guy involved. You have to tackle such a question on a purely subjective level if the q question ‘why do men cheat’ is going to have any meaning at all. Sadly, people who have asked this question in the past rarely tackle the issue that way. Instead, they think there is some sort of universal answer. There isn’t. There might be patterns-and they will be discussed below-but if you really want a real answer that makes sense in your particular situation and setting, you need to focus on the people involved. All relationship go through different challenges, and these are all due to the individual issues at play.

Maturity issues

One of the most common reasons guys cheat is plain old immaturity. When tackling the question ‘why do men cheat,’ you have to factor in how young or old the guy is. When a guy is young, he might feel that he’s a kid in a candy store If he’s good-looking, confident, and smart, he’ll have a lot of options, and women wouldn’t hesitate to tell him about it. Not all of us are saints. Not all of us have the strength of character to stay faithful. Instead of getting mad at these guys, understand that they aren’t the type of guys for you-obviously, you’re looking for someone more mature and better put together emotionally. The answer is to keep looking for the right person with the right level of maturity.

Deep insecurity

Another common answer to ‘why do men cheat’ is insecurity. Many guys have deep insecurities due to bad childhoods or earlier experiences. They have invisible wounds or deficiencies that they think they can fill through cheating or sexual conquests. This is just a fact you need to get used to. The key to not being cheated on is to quickly figure out how secure your guy is. If he as deep profound insecurities that mess with his ego, you’re better of finding someone else. Instead of just saying out loud ‘why do men cheat’ understand that some guys are just insecurity and often times you just don’t have the time to wait for them to grow up.

You were not giving him what he wanted

This is the hard part of the list of answers to the question ‘why do men cheat’? In certain cases, you might be at fault. In some cases, your guy wasn’t going to cheat, but you kept doing something that just pushes him to do it. Of course, this doesn’t absolve him of responsibility since he still cheated, but it does give you a reason to make the right changes so you can also mature and benefit from the harsh situation of your break up.

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