Why Did My Husband Cheat? Is It You Or Him?

Poor communication

Communication is important in every relationship. Without open and good communication, misunderstandings and quarrels will often arise. Some men cheat in order to get away and forget the troubles at home, and finding someone who will not argue with them will help in calming their minds and think that there is still more to life than arguing with their spouses.

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Nagging your partner for some of their mistakes may be needed, but too much of it can be frustrating to men. You may mean well for your partner when you nag, but he might not take it that well. There can be other more effective ways to talk about problems than nagging and it should be the last resort.

Not feeling loved or cared for

One of the reasons why men cheat is when they feel that something is missing in the marriage, particularly love and care. They will start looking for it outside the home and when they find a woman who can give it to them, an affair is most likely the next thing to happen.

Knowing what could have pushed your husband to get into an affair can help you understand him better. However, you should not think that it is your fault. Your husband made a choice when he decided to have a relationship with another woman. What you can do now is become a better person in general, and if the two of you decide to fix your marriage, you can definitely do so together.

Savannah Ellis is a relationship therapist and infidelity coach from Las Vegas. She does affair recovery coaching and programs for couples, individuals and groups.

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