Why Did My Husband Cheat? Is It You Or Him?

Catching your husband cheating or learning about the act can leave you devastated and discouraged. You don’t need to actually see him doing something with his mistress for you to imagine what they could be doing when they are together. You will definitely begin thinking about the other woman—what does she look like, what she has that you don’t, what she can give your husband that you can’t. You will start looking back at the times when you felt something weird and wrong was happening but you ignored it, you will think back of the moments when your husband was acting beyond the usual. You will also wonder how many times did he lie to you, and where he really was at times when he would tell you that he has something to attend to at work.

Indeed, knowing about your husband’s infidelity can drive you crazy and a lot of questions will start bugging your head. Eventually, you will ask yourself, “why did my husband cheat on me?” Read on and see the common reasons why men cheat on their wives.

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Low self-esteem or ego

Men want to be reassured of their manhood. Women who can make them feel attractive and appreciated are likely to catch their attention and hold it, and this may lead to the development of an affair. It is common for affairs to happen after any form of turmoil or problem: your husband losing his job or someone he loves such as a parent, your marriage going through some sort of change or issue, or him noticing a change in the way he gets attention from others, including you. Any of these or a combination of them can push a man to cheat. Finding another woman who can affirm his importance can boost their ego and make them feel better in general.

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