Unfolding The Relationship Between Erectile Dysfunction And Depression

Help is available for dealing with Erectile Dysfunction and Depression

The first step is to stop assuming that the problem is a part of aging or day-to-day stress and it will go on its own. In many cases, medical reasons are behind both problems and can be treated successfully. If you experience both problems together, take the following steps:

  • Go for a complete medical test
  • Ask your doctor if the prescribed antidepressant is the reason for the problem

If the tests reveal that you suffer from erectile dysfunction, your doctor can put you on anti-impotency drugs that contain Sildenafil as an active chemical ingredient.

The Role of Partner

Yourerectile dysfunction problem affects your partner as well. Therefore, open up to your partner and talk honestly about the problem. Once you are comfortable talking about it, you will be able to save your sexual relationship.   


As of now, the researchers say that treating your sexual problem can help improve your psychological health.  Further research is needed to prove whether the benefits are for a long time and if the same drug can help men with major depression.

Wilson Helly is a fertility specialist and is currently practicing in New York. She loves writing in her free time about general health and fertility issues. She is currently associated with medexpressrx.com

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