Unfolding The Relationship Between Erectile Dysfunction And Depression

As Sildenafil is meant for treating impotence, the group taking these pills reported 77 percent successful intercourse attempts versus 40 percent for placebo.

63 percent of patients on Sildenafil got rid of their erection problems compared with the 53 percent on placebo.

Depression causes Impotence or it is the other way round?

Researches are still going on all across the globe to know whether erectile dysfunction causes depression or depression leads to impotence. The above study suggests but does not prove that erectile dysfunction leads to depression.

Warning Signs of Erectile Dysfunction and Depression:

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem experienced by almost half of all men aged above 50. Well, you can know whether depression is a part by keeping a close eye on these warning signals:

  • You do not feel like having sex at all.
  • You are taking an antidepressant on your doctor’s advice and it is affecting your sexual life.
  • Loss of a job or a family trauma triggers erectile dysfunction.
  • Erectile dysfunction is accompanied with feelings of anxiety, or stress.

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