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This post answers the following questions

1) What is essential in one’s career and is one of the elements for success?
2) What are the best tips around to keep productivity in the work place rife?
3) How to increase work productivity?
4) Why do you need to eliminate any distractions?
5) Why should you exercise, get enough sleep and eat well?

Work productivity and motivation is essential in one’s career and is one of the elements for success. We all experience burn out at some stage and hectic lifestyles and stress contribute to a lack of productivity and motivation in the work place. Especially nearing towards the end of the year, work does take its toll and we sometimes need to some inspiration, tips and advice to keep productivity and motivation levels high. In this interesting article, we look at some of the best tips around to keep productivity in the work place rife.

Work Productivity Tips

Stop multitasking and focus on the task on hand

Very few people can multitask and even the people that may be good at it, find that this does not help, but rather hampers work productivity. To increase work productivity and keep motivated, stop multitasking, whatever you have going all at once, stop and focus on one task at a time. Rather complete one task and do it correctly then a few that are not done properly. In an interesting fact, your IQ drops by an average of 15 points for men and 5 for women when you multitask.

Eliminate distractions

Burn out and fatigue paired with distractions can have a hazardous affect on productivity and in turn motivation. One needs to be completely vigilant in totally minimising or even eliminating any distractions. Switch off your phone, close your office door, put on some music to block out the outside world, stay far away from any forms of social media and even put your computer offline if it’s not needed. Focus and eliminate any distractions; one of the most important tips to keep yourself motivated.

Exercise, get enough sleep and eat well

We have all heard these three words relating to productivity and motivation time and time again. This is because they work! If you are feeling drained, unmotivated, and unproductive, then hit the gym, make sure you get enough sleep and eat well. Exercise is known to not only reduce stress levels but also gives you the boost of energy one needs to stay productive and motivated. Also eating well and getting all of the nutrients needed, and getting adequate sleep will help you considerably with work productivity.

Focus, stay healthy, do not multi task and exercise to keep yourself motivated and productive. Organise your life and your working environment to keep on track of everything and work productivity will just happen.


Jemma Scott is a business freelance writer that looks at various things from finding Calgary office space as well as tips and advice.

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