Unemployment Survival Tips During the Recession

The recession has a great impact on many people’s lives. Because of recession, many families faced home foreclosures. Companies are also doing mass layoffs, leaving hundreds or even thousands of people jobless. Survival in times of recession is difficult, but not impossible. If you are one of those who haven’t got a recession-proof job, read on to know some unemployment survival tips during recession.

Step #1: Reduce spending habits

One of the things that you should do to survive in times of recession is to lessen your spending habits. You have to minimize spending your days in the mall or movie house. You have to save money to pay off your bills and other monthly payments. If possible, you should also save money for cases of emergency.

Step #2: Unleash your entrepreneurial skills

Be creative. If you are an employee for most of your life, now is the time to explore other career possibilities. For all you know, you might have the qualities that could lead you to success as you start your own business. You have to tap your entrepreneurial potential. Starting your own business might lead you to greater success.

Step #3: Learn new skills

Learning new skills is very important. You have to know the current trends and then develop the skills necessary for these. Be open-minded about other types of jobs and explore other areas. There are actually jobs that are recession-proof. These include online writing jobs. It is better that you develop other skills such as writing skills. In this way, you will get better edge over other entry-level applicants.


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Step #4: Look for temporary, part-time, or home-based jobs

If you can’t find a full-time job, keep looking for a part-time one. There are many home-based jobs. In these jobs, you can communicate to your bosses through the Internet. Part-time home-based jobs are convenient when you need enough time to look for a permanent job.

Step #5: Keep looking for a permanent job

Never stop looking for a permanent job until you find one. Part-time work is only temporary. There’s not enough benefits from part-time jobs. Remember, your aim is still to find a full-time and permanent job or find a way to become financially stable in the long term.

You have to be patient and persistent when looking for a job. There are many others like you competing for a vacant position. You have to make sure that you have knowledge about the job you are applying for. In this way, you will get better chances of getting that job.

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  1. There are many jobs that are recession-proof, or if not, almost recession-proof. Always remember that people have basic necessities, such as food, health care, education, security and etc. So if you are looking for ways to make money or if you’re looking for jobs, then these are the departments that you ought to take a look at. The key in landing a job at times like this are hard-work, perseverance and connections, yes connections. You have to have friends to make looking for a job a lot easier, but if you’re planning to venture into the world of marketing and business, try the food industry as food is man’s basic necessity and if planned correctly, you could make money and survive through the recession.

  2. Unemployment should never hinder a person to be productive. It’s not easy to find the next suitable job these days, so what do you do? Look for smart ways on how to make money at home. Check out your attic for things that can still be used by other people. Sell these items and think of ways how to double the money you made out of the garage sale. Try selling services, like if you know how to do computer repairs, even if it is just for software, spread it around your neighborhood and in no time, people will start coming in asking for your help. If you like being an entrepreneur, venture into buy and sell. Buy stuff in bulk or wholesale and sell them individually. Do these while waiting for your job application to push through. If for some reason you enjoy this far better that having an office job, then you may have stumbled upon your niche. In retrospect, think of it as if you haven’t lost your job, you never would have discovered that there is far better way to earn a living, and it’s doing what you love to do.

  3. My tip is to never give up. It may sound easy but when you are faced with never ending rejections in looking for a job, it is so convenient to stay at home and just wish that you will one day win the lottery. Print a custom resume for as many as job listings as you can find and promise yourself to go all out by the end of the week. Make use of your network of friends. There are instances that your possible employers are just living next door. Think of any demands in your community and supply it like mowing the lawn for a busy family.

  4. First of all, be conscious of your money. Be careful in spending it. Be wise about it. Think of the more important things rather than spending it on something that is unnecessary. For those who are unemployed, why don’t you use a portion of your money that can help you establish a small business that is appropriate for your skill set and experience. This might help you ride out the recession. Use this opportunity to start your own business and profit from it. Just be careful in doing so. Like I said, be wise in spending your money. Think of your basic needs and if you have enough money to establish the business. Think of your family, be resourceful, use your talents, and be patient when looking for a job.

  5. Unemployment is definitely one of the toughest problems a family person can experience. Recession is hard enough but its even harder if you are unemployed with a family to support. You’re lucky if you have received a decent separation pay or early retirement benefit from your former company, or if you are one of those “saving” type of person who religiously saves a portion of their salary every month then you have enough money to start a small business of your own or a venture with your former office mates.

    Earning from your hobbies is also a good way to earn additional income because you enjoy what you do and you earn at the same time. Like my husband who is an
    electronic enthusiasts, he earns additional money from his part time job fixing electronic items in the neighborhood such as cellphones, MP3s, laptops and
    personal computers.

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