The Anatomy of a Boss from Hell

A boss from hell is an unfortunate thing many people have experienced. Even though they may come in many different forms, these horrible bosses all have similar traits and characteristics.

A boss from hell truly does not value the employee. He only wants people to get his work done faster than before so the company can profit at any expense. The boss from hell does not care about how the employees are feeling or how many back to back shifts a person has worked. The bottom line is the only line.

This boss also provides very little to no direction, assumes that the employee is a mind reader, and then is enraged when things are not completed exactly as he wanted it done. An employee can never be right when working for a boss from hell.

Beware of the signs, as there are many terrible bosses out there. Knowing what to look for just may save your job and your sanity.




  1. Raymund Banzon says:

    Here is my opinion, if you have a horrible boss in your company better not to leave nor make anything that my compromises and risk your job. It is natural within leaders to be the best among the rest. Mistakes for them is for loser or to sum it up, they are perfectionist. So it is better to learn how to adopt to the mannerism, attitude and behavior of your boss. If you are doing your best effort in the work place, then add it up to maximize your bosses’ expectation. Remember, the road to success consists of roads that is bumpy. There is no easy way up but rather there are easy ways down. Better think better act foolishly.

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