How to Ask for a Raise (if you think you deserve it)

So you have come to the time in your career when you believe that you are not getting enough from what you have been turning in.  You have been in the company for a long while now, and you really believe that you deserve that salary raise. The question is, do you really deserve it?  If you do, do you have the guts to go to your boss and ask for it?   Here are some step by step directions on how to make that fateful decision that can make or break your, well, dream for a raise.

Step 1:  Evaluate yourself

Maybe you have been in the company for a long time now, but have you been an asset or a liability to the company.  Maybe you haven’t done anything wrong, but were you just an average employee? Or have you been very valuable to the company’s current status?

Warning:  Be honest with yourself.  You can compare yourself with the other employees.  You can also ask the opinion of your co-workers or even have a one-on-one with your direct superior.

Step 2:  Assess the company

Maybe you have been a good employee, but is your company doing reasonably well at the moment? See if your company has the financial capabilities of offering a raise first.

Warning:  Be sensitive about the company’s status.  You may deserve the raise, but if your company cannot give it at the moment, be prepared to wait.

Step 3:  Prepare yourself

If you have a reason to believe that you deserve to have a raise in your salary and your company is financially capable to give you one, then prepare yourself to ask for the raise.  First, research on the current rates for the job, position, experience level that you have, with the ones at least on your area.  Also, prepare the necessary documents that will prove that you indeed are deserving to get a raise.

Warning:  Make sure that the rates that you have researched about are accurate and according to your level.  A slight mistake or misinterpretation can compromise your whole negotiation.

Step 4:  Ask

Although you can say that since you deserve it, you are not asking for a favor, remember still that you will be talking to your boss or your seniors.  Be polite and stick to your reasons.

Warning:  Never make threats like you will resign if they will not give you your raise.  Chances are, you might get fired for that.  Furthermore, you must prepare yourself for thumbs down on this request.

Asking for a raise may really be difficult.  But with the proper preparation, you can achieve your goal, or better, set an example for others to do their best and claim their right for asking a raise.

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  1. Evesdrop says:

    Always one of the awkward parts of being an employee is asking for a raise. Clearly this is not a major issue for companies who have yearly increase (based on performance of course) and employees who are very well compensated. But if you feel like you are overworked and underpaid then having the necessary negotiating skills may well be your tool to getting that well-deserved increase in your salary. This only applies if you think you have done favorably well in your job. It is a good course of action to seek the advice of your immediate manager, through him or her you can gauge your chances of getting that raise and even offer you smart advice on how to confidently negotiate yourself.

  2. Although deemed as awkward, asking for a raise is part of nearly every employee’s life. After all, after all those hours of working overtime should make you think twice about your salary, especially at times like this when money is scarce. But keep in mind though that you must know your place and contemplate about what you are about to do. Asking for a raise is tough and if done in a rather unpleasant manner could give your manager a wrong impression or even cause him to fire you. Remember to evaluate yourself carefully and thoroughly before even thinking about getting a raise. Also, try to read your boss and see what would be a good time to have “the talk.”

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