Chic Tips to Staying Cool: Summer Work Office Outfits

Cover up at work while staying cute and cool this summer.

Summer brings wonderful things to our lives; the beach, vacations, the excuse to drink margaritas, and deliciously fun bbqs. However, most of us still have to work in the summer and wearing a suit in the humid heat can make you feel like you are in the rainforest.

Not everyone is allowed to wear shorts and a tank to work as the temperature increases, so here is a quick guide to looking classy at work while staying cool.

Although a blazer makes you look professional, there is no need to wear it all day long. In the summer bring your blazer to work, hang it by your cubical and only throw it on when you have to look your most business like. Hibernate your cotton button-ups as well and try wearing cropped silk button downs instead. Silk will keep moisture from sticking to your skin and will also allow your skin to cool naturally.

Hang up those dark work pants and try some lighter colored capris with a longer hemline. Dark colors will attract heat, but in the summer you can get away with whites, khakis, soft greys and pretty pastel pinks, blues or greens. Capris that cut at your knee are usually too casual for work, so grab the wide legs that cut at your calf and ankle. The wide style will allow cool air to find its way up your legs, while the longer cuts will keep you looking qualified for your position.

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If pants aren’t your thing go crazy with skirts and dresses, in loud patterns and bright colors. Dresses with funky patterns can be work appropriate by following these rules.

  1. Wear long hem lines. Anything two inches above your knee is not work appropriate.
  2. Pair funky patterns with nude heels or earth tone sandals to calm down the playfulness.
  3. Lasagna straps, not spaghetti straps please! Sleeves are a must have, and if your dress dons the must not, wear a sweater ontop.
  4. Silk dresses with leather belts will bring a simple dress to the professional level with little effort.

Skirts should follow the long hem line dress rule but in the summer try wearing a skirt that flows a little. This will give your skin breathing room and will keep you cool throughout the day. Pair bright colored skirts with white or nude colored silk tops, and again follow the sleeve rule.

Shoes can create a sweaty and slippery situation, and not to mention smelly. Try shoes that have straps, to keep your feet from slipping out and if you are allowed to wear sandals, try a chunky heel or nude wedge. Flip-flops should only make an appearance on Fridays and flats should be stored away.

Less is definitely more in the summer time, but you need to look covered at work. With these quick tips you will be able to keep up your professional appearance, but feel like one of the coolest chicks in the office.

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  1. nica angelica says:

    This article gives tips on staying cool and fashionable at work even on a hot summer day. Wearing of light colored jeans and shirts really help in keeping the body’s temperature down especially if it is so hot outside the office.

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