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While its true that in life as an auto owner or driver you can never be 100 % fully prepared for emergencies and car or truck breakdowns there are certain items that should be carried in the automobile.  These can be lifesavers.  While its true in 2012 that most people carry cell phones and the recent upscale iPhone , Androids , Blackberry phones and the like these instruments are no excess not to “packing”.  Perhaps they may  come into great use or helping another stranded motorist or perhaps its a cold January Canadian minus 40 below winter , you are on way to Thompson or Flin Flon and to be properly prepared is both wise and prudent.
Basic Components of An Auto Emergency Kit:
Basic parts of auto safety kits include an air pressure gauge , pen and paper , battery booster cables ,a good tire wrench  first aid supplies and the like.  Yet what else can or should you add into your basic emergency for good measure ?
Pressurized Can of Air to Inflate Low Tires to Get You to the Garage of Auto Dealership Service Center:
First of all a pressurized can to inflate a low tire is handy.  Sometimes a tire with a slow leak will go down overnight.  This can will give your low tire enough pressure to drive to a nearby service station or perhaps auto dealer service center to get the trouble properly diagnosed and repaired.  True many new model cars have orange low tire pressure lights.  Yet many ignore these lights or don’t know how to reset leaving them with low tires and in awkward position.  Thus the pressurized  can can speed you on your way and / or save you a costly tow job.  You can purchase these cans as fairly standard products at big box auto stores or your local car or truck dealership.

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Quart or Liter of  Engine Motor Oil Plus Antifreeze:
Second in terms of liquids you should always carry an extra quart ( or Canadian liter) or motor oil.
Its best to stock the same brand and grade you normally use.  This way you won’t adulterate or ruin what is in your crankcase now. If you’ve paid for premium synthetic oil this is especially the case.  Next make it a practice to carry  a plastic gallon container of coolant. This will prevent you from being stranded if your vehicle’s engine overheats because of too little coolant in your radiator and cooling system.  Of course you can use water in a pinch, yet a half / half ethylene glycol mixture will is more efficient for engine cooling .  On top of that in cold winter – Northern US states and up north in Canada you take a risk of a frozen engine block by diluting glycol antifreeze with water top ups.  A frozen engine block can lead to very costly and expensive auto repair bills.
Benefits to You – More Reliable & Economical Transportation:
It can be said in life that anything you can do to make your life more trouble free is wise.  Some people just seem to live from disaster to disaster. They always “seem to be in a jackpot”.  Plan ahead for auto emergencies by outfitting your car or truck with a simple auto emergency kit and your travels will be a lot more trouble free. On top of that its overall a lot more economical a way of providing yourself and your family with reliable transportation.

Ronald Waverly

Waverly has more than his fair share of opionions about the autobody trade and collision repair industry in his Canadian province of Manitoba.  While Americans may wrestle with President Obama , Obamacare and socialized medicine the residents of Manitoba have for years and years had to contend with a mandatory auto insurance monopoly with mandatory auto insurance coverage with that one provider – the government run Manitoba Auto Insurance Corporation – M.P.I. a.ka. “Autopac”.  If you have an accident on the road with your vehicle Waverley will tell you – if you don’t like M.P.I.’s decision there is not a lot you can except choose your Winnipeg auto collision repair shop with care.  Its as simple as that Ron will tell you – there is not a lot as a car or truck owner you can do.

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