Why should I care about energy prices?

With financial worries hitting UK home owners harder than ever before, the need to save money is higher than ever before. An often-over looked area is with your energy provider. None of us are tied to our local provider any more. You can get electricity and gas from Scottish Power even if you live in Wales or London,

Yearly bills tend to vary across the UK, with the South averaging cheaper rates than their northern cousins because temperatures in the South are milder.

With the upcoming announcement from the big six UK energy providers that there is to be an increase in winter energy prices – how do you know you have the best energy package that suits you? Thankfully, there is a wealth of information available online with websites offering price comparison at the click of a button.

But how do I find the rate best suited for me?


The majority of the websites listed below offer their own unique price comparison scale in an attempt to find the very best rate for you. This ranges from usage, postcode, payment method, suppliers etc.



One of the most established energy price comparison sites available, uSwitch offers price comparisons on a wide range of services, from broadband to gas. It touts itself as the number one website for consumers and has been highlighted as one of the best money saving websites on the market.

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Another of the big players in price comparison and nipping at the heels of uSwitch is the Moneysupermarket. Similar to uSwitch, it essentially offers people the opportunity to ‘shop around’ different energy providers to eventually find the company and rate best set for you.



A more straight forward price comparison site – it offers a no nonsense chart listing the major energy providers, online discount and average yearly savings.


Focusing solely on the gas and electricity markets, ukpower has a similar set up to uSwitch. A simple and effective website, it clearly lays out the tariffs and provider best suited to your personal taste.

Are the websites listed safe?


Yes, all are closely monitored by Ofgen and the Consumer Focus groups. All must face an audit and an approval in order to be allowed onto the comparison market.

Can I switch energy providers?

Of course, and now is the time to do it. The once iron grip providers had over home owners has waned which now allows consumers to swap and switch energy providers for a cheaper an suitable rate. However, this may hinder certain tariff offers as some providers offer cheaper rates to consumers who have never previously switched.

The above steps are the quickest and most effective way to search for the best energy prices. Obviously you always have the option to contact your current provider in an attempt to get a better deal. But, in this day and age of economic doubt there is no requirement to remain loyal to your current provider. It is essential to search and the websites listed offer an impartial, simple and fair review of all the major energy providers

Naomi Clarke is an expert on energy comparison sites after blowing her mind this past few weeks trying to get the best deal for her own electricity and gas bills.

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