Why Compare Electricity Prices in the UK?

As the economy in the UK continues to struggle and the fixed costs of electricity and utilities continue to increase, the need to find cheaper alternatives and companies is becoming more and more popular in today’s world. Fixed monthly costs like electricity are in every household and the rise of these electricity costs affects every family throughout the UK. In most cases, the costs of electricity are set by the supplier, and are set only to increase over time. A recent study has shown that over the past 10 years, the costs of electricity in the UK have increased by 81% from the most well known companies like British Gas, EDF Energy, npower, E.ON, Scottish and Southern Energy and ScottishPower. If you could save money on electricity bills by comparing electricity prices using a free online tool, most people would jump at the chance to give that a try.
It’s probably true that most consumers in the UK have stayed with the same electricity provider for the area they live, but in 2009, over 10 million UK residents made the switch by switching electricity providers. They did the switch because they were fed up with increasing prices from suppliers with no savings being passed onto the consumer. Utilities such as gas and electricity unfortunately do not lower over time, and the methods to distribute these utilities don’t either. What electricity companies are finding out, is that by offering alternative plans and by researching where their customers live and use the power, they can offer lower savings to consumers by changing them to a different company. If the savings were only 10%, that is still 10% off every monthly bill that you could pass along to your wallet and see in your budget every month and onto your family.

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The methods to research electricity prices and comparing electricity prices would seem as they would be difficult, when in reality are very simple. A free online tool is available from Uswitch that only requires you do type in your postal code and have a copy of your latest electricity bill, and the savings are listed within seconds. These prices are directly from the electricity suppliers without any additional fees, commissions, or added amounts to the consumer. In most cases, the savings are determined by where you live and the amounts of electricity that you consume on a monthly basis. So for instance, if you consume low amounts of electricity in your household and are paying for a larger amount, a newer plan might be available that can lower your costs to the power you actually consume. In heavy use cases, savings and bundles might be available from various providers to save each month as well.
So if you could compare electricity prices for free and save every month, wouldn’t you give that a try and see what amounts you could pocket every month? Give the free online tool at Uswitch a try and see what you could save every month.

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