Who you Gonna Call? Olympics Security of a Structural Nature

The Olympics have already gotten underway without too many glitches, but the Olympic Delivery Authority are taking no chances when it comes to the smooth running of everything surrounding the games. A veritable army will be on hand at this year’s London Olympics. We’re not just talking about armed Olympics security but rather infrastructural security.

Send in the Troops

There’s set to be a serious amount of pressure on the transport networks – trains, planes, automobiles, bicycle lanes and even walkways throughout the London 2012 Olympics and structural security needs to be present. The Olympic Delivery Authority is doing its part for job security as it scatters a workforce of about 600 at peak times. These additional contractors will be tasked with maintaining the Olympic park venues and providing much needed security on call to respond to any structural damage or maintenance issues of around 3,000 apartments in the village. The park will be managed by a team contracted by CLM while the Village will be kept under careful watch of Lend Lease.

Trouble in Transit

Network rail is also under immense pressure and as a result will see 125 response teams deployed along key routes to and from major Olympic venues. Three helicopters will be the eyes in the sky and will make sure security is under tight surveillance. Transport for London (TFL) Emergency Response Unit engineers will increase the number of specialists to 130 and 12 response vehicles with fire-engine type capabilities will make sure London 2012 Olympics leaves a good legacy in the security and health and safety department. There will even be giant digital screens reflecting real-time traffic congestion across the city, so that your station experience allows you to also make provision for your next move.

Danger Averted

Despite all of the extra protection, authorities are not naive about the potential issues that they may be confronted with during the 17 days. Peter Hendy (TFL commissioner) was candid in expressing how aware he was that things will go wrong during the Olympics but that the ultimate success will be determined by the speed at which security, emergency response teams and engineers deal with the challenges.

The number of engineers on standby during these Olympics is very positive and they will be operating day and night. In the wings or under the cover of darkness, they will be there to respond as soon as possible. The organisers have faith in their secret Olympics security and are in no doubt over whether the extra maintenance will be able to handle any snags in reasonable time.


Dave Peterson has been a part of the construction industry for years now and his trusty pair of safety footwer is yet to let him down. His enthusiasm for architecture and mammoth developments means he’s constantly up to date on the latest news.

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