Where Can I Find the Latest Data and Statistics on Salaries in the Dental Field?

Before beginning any career whatsoever, it is always a good idea to get a few basic facts about the occupation. Many people labor under misconceptions of how much money they can make as well as the potential for employment. If you are thinking of studying to become a dental assistant, it would be helpful to know where you can find the latest data and statistics in the dental field. Here are some helpful hints on where to find the information you are looking for as well as the jobs forecast in the coming decade or two.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics

No matter what profession you are interested in, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is the best place to begin your search. Just as the government conducts a regular census on a national level, they also keep track of which occupations are doing well and those that are not performing up to national averages. When browsing through the BLS website, it is possible to find the range of salaries from low end to high earners by location. One occupation that pays well in Washington State may not pay well in Georgia, for example. Information is broken down by regions as well as by occupations so that it is possible to determine whether or not you can expect to make a decent wage where you intend to work.

Description of Job Duties

The BLS website also gives a fairly inclusive breakdown of the job duties involved in a given occupation. A dental assistant is detailed as having an assortment of tasks they are responsible for among which are working with patients, sterilizing instruments, preparing the room for treatment of patients and assisting dentists while treating those patients. Some states have restrictions on what an assistant can do such as polishing teeth. Some areas allow dental assistants to do this and in other states a dentist or dental hygienist must do this work.

Forecast for Job Outlook in the Coming Decade

If you look at the latest statistics on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ website, you will see that the job forecast is thought to be a great deal better than the average occupation. The latest data indicates that dental assistant jobs will increase by 31% this decade between the years 2010 and 2020. In 2010 there were said to be almost 300,000 dental assistants in the United States and by the year 2020 this number will increase by 91,600. Since this is a much higher growth rate than the average, you can assume that there will be jobs for years to come. Dental assistant revenue salary is expected to grow above the average as well.

It really does no good to enter the workforce in a field that has no future prospects! Since there will always be people in need of dental or medical care, entering either one of these fields provides a safety net which some occupations just can’t offer. Other information is also available on the BLS site, so if you are really interested in finding a career, begin your search there.

Laura is a writer for jascas.com, a website which can help you to obtain more information on the average dental assistant revenue salary in your area.

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