What to do if you keep saying ‘I miss my boyfriend’

If you find yourself saying ‘I miss my boyfriend’ to yourself a lot, you might want to do something about it. You don’t want to spend the rest of your days on planet Earth groaning ‘I miss my boyfriend’ and thinking of the things that could have been, right? Regret is not exactly a recipe for lifelong success or emotional well-being, you know. If you find yourself saying ‘I miss my boyfriend’ a lot, here is a quick game plan you would do well to follow. You’d be surprised at how well it can help you make up with your ex or move on to a much higher and better emotional level. It is your choice.

Figure out what you miss about your boyfriend and why

It is one thing to say ‘I miss my boyfriend’ but it is another to actually have a clear list of reasons why you keep saying that phrase. Believe it or not, many women who keep saying they miss their man have no clear idea as to why they feel the way they do. They are utterly clueless. Instead, they are focused on an emotional ‘hole’ in their hearts. They are more focused on a sense of loss instead of having a clear idea as to what they truly lost. In many cases, even if these women got their men back, they would still feel a loss. In such a case, they aren’t really missing their guys. The feeling was caused by something else. Be clear about this. Are you missing your guy or missing the feeling of being in love? Two completely different things.

Learning how to recognize your own insecurities

One of the biggest causes of missing the feeling of falling in love or being in love is a deep and profound sense of insecurity. Be aware of this. Take this opportunity to do some emotional housekeeping and really confront your insecurities. The best thing you can do to resolve your constant need to say ‘I miss my boyfriend’ is to actually grow up a bit and move on. This makes you a better catch for the next guy lucky enough to find himself in your life.

Tie up loose emotional ends first

This is the key to truly addressing the urge to keep saying ‘I miss my boyfriend’. Seriously. When you confront emotional open wounds and truly get a real understanding of your past relationship, you can make a mature decision whether to want to get back together with your ex or if you want to move on. In many cases, yearning for an ex is really just an emotional instinct or need for security instead of something deep and real. Understand your situation and realize which is which. Do you say ‘I miss my boyfriend’ because it gives you some sort of temporary relief, or do you really mean it? These are two totally different situations. Know the reality of your situation and focus. Otherwise, you might just live part of your life in regret. Not the way to go forward. Think of it this way, if you always feel the need to say ‘I miss my boyfriend’ to yourself, you are grappling with issues you need to solve sooner or later.

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